Terrifying Childs Toy Robot is Reborn with Greater Senses, Awareness, Life

Dec 17, 2010

Oh my scary this toy better not show up anywhere I'm sleeping. This lovely little dinosaur was first released in 2008 and everyone loved it but apparently noone had the cash to buy one. PLEO creator Ugobe filed for bankruptcy and the company basically went under - until 2009 when Jetta Company Limited decided to re-launch the PLEO by purchasing the Ugobe IP, the company then taking the time to now improve the beast and re-release with a new name and at least a couple new colors. Joy! Nice history lesson, yes? This brand new PLEO goes by the name PLEOrb, ("re-born",) comes in pink or blue or green with all new packaging and a batch of new features!

This fancy little lady will cost you right around $469 USD and has the following NEW or IMPROVED features from the last time it was released:

Voice Recognition
Senses Motion
Sense of Smell
Learning Stone Technology
Senses Temperature
Time of Day Awareness
Longer Battery Life
More Touch Sensors

Now head on over to PLEOWorld to see where you can buy one or view the horrific nature of the beast below (first video is of the original PLEO, but I want you to see it because it has no skin!) Did I mention this dinosaur was made by wizards? Check out the second video to see what I mean.

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