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NVIDIA Game24: here’s how to watch

On the 18th of this month NVIDIA will be launching a 24-hour event called NVIDIA Game24. This event will have a DOTA 2 Invitational tournament, “secret training” tips from pro teams, and interviews with top gaming developers and manufacturers. There’ll be hardware give-aways as well, including custom-built rigs, graphics cards, and 4K G-SYNC monitors.

Nexus 9 outed by NVIDIA, may drop in October

By now, the HTC-made Nexus 9 is a foregone conclusion to many. It’s been leaked, rumored, and speculated on about as much as possible, but one more tidbit just eked its way into the world. Not only do we get actual confirmation it exists, but we get a timeframe for release!

NVIDIA sues Samsung, Qualcomm for patent infringement

Samsung might find itself in court again, but this time not against Apple and this time not alone. NVIDIA has filed a lawsuit against both Samsung and Qualcomm, accusing them of infringing on 7 of its patents related to computer graphics and is asking the International Trade Commission and in the U.S. District Court in Delaware to confirm that, ban … Continue reading

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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet LTE hits pre-order today

NVIDIA is throwing the 4G version of its SHIELD Tablet up for pre-order, adding an unlocked LTE modem to the potent Android slate. The new model, which is up for order today and will ship September 30th, also doubles the onboard storage to 32GB, a timely increase considering there are also three new SHIELD Tablet optimized games incoming too.

Acer Chromebook 13 FHD Review

With the Acer Chomebook 13, the brand summons the NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor to stand out from the pack. With high-end processing power the likes of which only otherwise rest inside the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, what else is needed to create the perfect Chromebook? How about one of the finest keyboard we’ve experienced on a Chromebook as well as a … Continue reading

HTC Nexus 9 details in a magic tablet case

Clues are coming together around the next Google Nexus tablet, this time coming from HTC and code-named Flounder and/or Volantis. Today the extra push centers on a Keyboard Case for the device. This means the tablet isn’t just made for entertainment, it’s made for productivity and work as well.

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Z: Steel Soldiers Review: the long-lost cousin of Warcraft

Welcome to the rebirth of the semi-modern age of castle defense. This game was originally born in the year 2001, and here in 2014, it’s been reborn anew, baptized into the mobile universe by NVIDIA’s TegraZone team for the Tegra processors inside NVIDIA SHIELD and SHIELD Tablet.

T.E.C 3001 Review: if Temple Run took the red pill

There’s a game out there today called T.E.C 3001 for Android devices that’ll destroy your love for Temple Run. This game is limited to NVIDIA SHIELD devices, but it’s so intense you’ll consider buying the lot. And don’t forget to turn your TRON helmet on, don’t want to get erased.


Having cut its teeth on the still-successful NVIDIA SHIELD and their first tablet, the Tegra Note, NVIDIA brings the culmination of years of research and implementation to fruition in the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. This device is being released this season with the NVIDIA SHIELD Wireless Controller and a magnetically-attaching SHIELD Cover, the whole collection of which we’re having a peek … Continue reading

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