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Samsung demands NVIDIA sales ban in patent retort

Samsung has shown it’s not afraid to chase big legal injunctions when it believes its patents are at stake, and now it’s NVIDIA facing a US sales block at the hands of the South Korean firm. A complaint filed on Friday asks the US International Trade Commission to shut down sales of NVIDIA’s graphics chips, alleging they infringe Samsung’s own … Continue reading

IBM and NVIDIA give US supercomputers a brain boost

US supercomputers are having to grow up, with a wider set of tasks the machines at Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories are being asked to do by the researchers, national security teams, and others given access to them demanding a change in architecture in order to keep them flexible. IBM and NVIDIA are upgrading two supercomputers – Sierra … Continue reading

Should you give Ubisoft a break on Assassin’s Creed Unity?

This week is not a great one for Ubisoft. They’ve been hit relatively hard for their slightly lackluster release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, with reviewers finding the game less than perfect in some cases and downright unplayable in others. But what if Ubisoft had waited? What if they delayed again – past the two weeks delay they’d noted back in … Continue reading

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Google’s Project Ara adds NVIDIA and Marvell chips

Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone may be yet to convince everyone that it solves a legitimate problem, but we now at least know it won’t be lacking power, with Marvell and NVIDIA both cooking up processor modules for the phone. NVIDIA is creating a Project Ara application processor module from its Tegra K1 – the same potent chipset found inside … Continue reading

Nexus 9 LTE arrives at Google Play

Just after T-Mobile brought their LTE version of the Nexus 9 tablet to the masses, Google Play released theirs as well. These two devices will be effectively the same, the only difference being – perhaps – that the T-Mobile USA version might end up loading some (deletable) T-Mobile apps once the LTE SIM card is activated. Both devices are on … Continue reading

Audi Q7 features Virtual Cockpit in premium SUV

Inside the newly announced Audi Q7, the newest version of Audi virtual cockpit will run the show. Users will be working with a new MMI all-in touch control unit, and both Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also able to be run to connect to users’ iPhone or Android smartphone. This vehicle makes its debut at the North American … Continue reading

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Half-Life 2 Episode One released for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

NVIDIA’s SHIELD device exclusive collection continues to grow. Here with the Half-Life 2 Episode One, they bring on another one of Valve’s classic presentations in solid gaming history. Half-Life 2 and Portal have already been released – now we’ve just to wait for Portal 2 and the eventual sequel to Half-Life 2 Episode One and we’re all set! This game … Continue reading

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Android Lollipop Review

This week we’ve had a look at what it means to be rolling with the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with a full Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade. This isn’t your everyday average upgrade – it’s not like we’re using the Nexus 9 that just happens to be branded by NVIDIA. Instead, this is the first non-Nexus tablet to receive the update, complete … Continue reading

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