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NVIDIA confirms existence of 500GB SHIELD Pro box

There you have it folks. More or less official confirmation that we weren’t just imagining things or Amazon wasn’t just messing things up. The NVIDIA SHIELD Pro, with a 500 GB of storage space, is real and it’s coming. At least according to an NVIDIA employee who we hope is at liberty to confirm such things without endangering his employment. … Continue reading

NVIDIA SHIELD, “Pro” version appears, disappears from Amazon

It might be nigh time for NVIDIA’s take on an Android TV gaming rig for your living room to come to market. That is, if the “accidentally” outing of the NVIDIA SHIELD is any indication. Amazon’s product listings showed, and then swiftly removed, the NVIDIA SHIELD as well as an unannounced SHIELD Pro model, hinting that we’re close to seeing … Continue reading

NVIDIA GRID calls dibs on 1080p60 game streaming

If some of the major companies in the gaming industry are to be believed, rentingstreaming games over the Internet is the future. Or at least the distant future. But while that type of business promises no downloads and no installs, it partly sacrifices quality on the altar of convenience. At least until today. NVIDIA is understandably proud to claim that … Continue reading

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NVIDIA emphasizes Tegra dev outreach for more than just SHIELD

This week at GTC 2015 NVIDIA, is making sure to emphasize developer outreach on their mobile platform to not just NVIDIA-made SHIELD devices, but to other Tegra-toting machines as well. Sebastien Domine, Sr. Director, Software Engineering, Developer Tools at NVIDIA spoke at a presentation called “Tegra X1 Developer Tools,” showing developers how to get started with a wide variety of … Continue reading

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV hands-on

The living room-based center of the NVIDIA SHIELD family has been revealed this week at GDC 2015, and we’ve had the opportunity to get up close and personal. This device goes by the name NVIDIA SHIELD – see more about that naming convention in our first detail article if you must – and it’s made to sit beside your television. … Continue reading

NVIDIA GRID Store revealed: Android side-by-side with Steam

The NVIDIA GRID experience is about to expand. Now that the graphics card-making crew at NVIDIA have created a PC game streaming service that’s proven itself as robust, they’re ready to move beyond their free model, and on to one that charges. Instead of continuing with a sort of an All You Can Eat situation, NVIDIA GRID will have you … Continue reading

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Nexus 9 Review: The iPad-Killer Blueprint

After a half-year on the market, the Nexus 9 remains one of the finest tablets available from any manufacturer. Like every Nexus device Google has ever offered, the HTC-made Nexus 9 was meant to be a blueprint – a benchmark for all other tablets. What we’ve done here is to take the Nexus 9 through the paces over a period … Continue reading

Half-Life 2 Episode One released for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

NVIDIA’s SHIELD device exclusive collection continues to grow. Here with the Half-Life 2 Episode One, they bring on another one of Valve’s classic presentations in solid gaming history. Half-Life 2 and Portal have already been released – now we’ve just to wait for Portal 2 and the eventual sequel to Half-Life 2 Episode One and we’re all set! This game … Continue reading

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