Team Combo II Elite SSD offers SATA2 and USB interface

Oct 5, 2010

Team has announced a new SSD that offers up a dual interface option to allow the SSD to be used inside a computer for data storage or as an external storage solution. The new SSD is called the Team Combo II Elite and is aimed at the user wanting to upgrade a laptop or desktop to a SSD from a traditional HDD.

The dual interfaces include SATA and USB 2.0. The USB 2.0 port can connect the SSD to a machine for duplication using software or it can act as an external storage device that doesn't need a case to operate. The SSD promises read speed of 235MB/s and writes at 100MB/s.

The SSD has 64MB of DDR2 RAM built-in for increased performance. The drive uses the RAM to speed IOPS and makes writing up to 40% faster than other SSDs with similar features. Team Group doesn't offer information on pricing or availability for the drive.

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