TDC OV6920 CameraChip – The world smallest single-chip CMOS camera

Jul 30, 2007

One of the most important requirements for a spy gizmo is to be undetectable. TDC shows its new product today; The OV6920 CameraChip(TM), a single-chip CMOS camera that is claimed to be the smallest kind in the world.

With a total array size of 328 x 250, the OV6920 features SCCB-configurable automatic control of colour saturation, exposure, gain and gamma curve, together with aperture correction function. It only requires a clock and power to obtain an NTSC (320 x 240) composite signal output with a direct interface to VCRs and monitors.

The sensor is 1/18th inch (1.4mm) wide, and it is to be used for colonoscopy, extremely small spy cameras, camera phones, webcams, toys and games.

World's Smallest Single-Chip Camera Hits [via therawfeed]

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