Take Anywhere Electrical Power Source is your outlet on the go

Aug 14, 2008

If you're traveling, it can be very frustrating to constantly have to worry about how you'll charge up your gadgets. Laptop batteries drain, cell phones die and iPods go kaput. The only real answer is if you could carry around an electrical outlet with you at all times. Then your gizmos would stay charged. Lucky for you, that's exactly what the Take Anywhere Electrical Power Source is meant to do.

This item can provide you with the juice when you need it most. It contains a 10-amp rechargeable battery so you'll be all set for three hours worth of laptop use, 15 hours of cell phone charging and multiple iPod recharging sessions.

The Power Source is smaller than a briefcase, has two AC outlets, one DC outlet and one USB port. It'll hold a charge for 90 days with no use and will cost you $199.95.

[via Chip Chick]

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