Microsoft Zune 3.0 software released: free McDonald’s WiFi

Microsoft has released the Zune v3.0 software for its PMP, updating all of its media devices with the ability to automatically recognize tracks from the radio and download them via WiFi, view recommendations from Zune music staff, and listen to "channels" and "collections" of regularly updated, themed audio.  Zune owners with a taste for fast food will also get free WiFi access when at more than 9,800 McDonalds outlets, thanks to a deal with network provider Wayport.

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Microsoft Zune 16GB and 120GB confirmed; WiFi downloads supported

Microsoft have come clean about their Zune PMP refresh, after details of the blue 8GB flash-based version was accidentally pre-announced on Fry's website.  As expected, both the flash and HDD based Zunes will get more capacity, with a 16GB version of the former and a 120GB version of the latter. 

However significant changes have also been made to the software, with the most interesting being the ability to use the PMP's built-in WiFi to download new tracks.  While the Zune had WiFi before it was added to the iPod range, Apple brought their mobile iTunes download store to users first.

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 36 2008

Netbooks returned to the top of the page this week, as Dell finally confirmed their first entrance to the budget ultraportable market.  The specs of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 may not be all that surprising - given both the regular leaking pre-announcement and the fact that all of these machines are pretty similar - but the brand name will likely make it the netbook to beat.  In a way it's a shame, because there are far more exciting devices - such as the Raon Digital Everun Note - that, by virtue of being less well known, will struggle to make themselves heard.

Xbox 360 handheld console concept design

Alright, the people that sit around and create these designs that make us gadget addicts heads go to mush are just cruel and unusual. This particular concept was featured in T3, it is an artist's rendering of what was hinted at by Microsoft a while back ago.

GameStop breaks up with the Zune

I have some unfortunate news for those that plan on going out in search of a new Zune. No, they haven't discontinued them, nor is there some newly-discovered reason that you shouldn't buy one (other than the fact that it's a Zune). What has happened is that due to a lack of demand, one major retailer is kicking Microsoft's MP3 player to the curb.

Make your own cases for all of your gadgets

If you've been sitting on Etsy browsing for the latest and greatest handmade items that seem so much more personalized than what is sold at any mainstream shop. Then you might want to start considering sucking it up and making your own items.

Although I tend to pretend like I don't, I do know a bit about all that is crafty. I just retired my sewing needle a while ago and exchanged it for a laptop and several gaming controllers. If I had any amount of sense I'd hop on Reprodepot and snag a pattern to create my own cases for my overabundance of gadgets.

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