Yahoo’s powerful Android launcher is now available for free

This week the folks at ThumbsUp Labs - acquired by Yahoo earlier this year - have delivered their "Aviate Launcher" for Android for free. This app changes the way you work with Android from top to bottom, allowing you to make your Android smartphone into a productivity machine. Aviate shows you "only the apps and information you need, as you need them" throughout your high-functioning day.

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Flickr forces Yahoo account: Ditches Facebook and Google

Flickr users used to accessing their photo gallery account with their Google or Facebook credentials will have to set up a Yahoo account instead, the sharing service's owner has announced, warning users to switch over before the end of the month. The decision, which was communicated to registered Flickr users in an email this week, is described as "streamlining" the company's sign-in process.

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Yahoo Mail update adds contextual info, new features

Yahoo’s mail app has been updated for iOS today, adding some unique functionality breaks the simple “email app” mode. The main mobile portal for Yahoo will now offer up “one-tap access to personalized, real-time information”. You will still have access to mail, of course, but that doesn’t seem to be the focus anymore.

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Yahoo searching for four original web series to battle Netflix

It's no secret that Yahoo is working hard to get into the video content realm. Yahoo has tried to purchase a streaming video company called DailyMotion in the past, but the deal didn’t work out. The search firm is still looking to roll out its own video streaming site to compete with YouTube. Whether that will be done by purchasing an existing streaming site or starting from scratch remains to be seen.

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