Xbox One Backward Compat questions answered ahead of launch

In just a week's time, Xbox One owners will be receiving the biggest software update to the console ever. And while the update will be bringing many, many features, like Windows 10 and a revamped interface, one thing that many gamers are waiting for is the backwards compatibility feature for Xbox 360 games. Since such a feature has never before heard of in a mainstream console, it is only natural that there are many questions surrounding it. Luckily, Major Nelson has taken some time with FLitz from Smosh Games to answer some of those.

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Fallout 4 Xbox One controller arrives next month

You’ve been preparing for it — maybe you’ve even shelled out for the special beer — and now it is nearly upon us: Fallout 4 arrives next month for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Those playing it on the Xbox console will have a special controller option thanks to Bethesda, which is teasing gamers with a bright blue controller up for pre-sale in its online store. The controller is only offered for Xbox One, and it’ll arrive alongside the game.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Beta opens today at 10AM PST

Thursday the 8th of October, 2015, the Star Wars Battlefront BETA began opening its doors to the public. This open invitation will be brought to users on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, including several modes of play and environments. This BETA test will be sent out for two reasons. The first is to test the servers - any game that's based primarily in an online environment such as this needs time to make certain it'll be able to be handled at scale. The second reason this BETA exists is that the game itself must be tested for flaws by a large number of users - tiny flaws like bonus icons disappearing when you throw a thermal detonator - that's what they'll looking for.

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Far Cry Primal trailer reveals mammoth-sized action

After a brief teaser period Ubisoft has revealed the next Far Cry series franchise jump-off point: Far Cry Primal. This game takes what the Far Cry series has been about thus far - high-end physics, animal interaction, weapons, and excitement, and packs it in to the ancient land of the Stone Age. You are the "last survivor of your hunting group," and will battle saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, and everything in-between to "conquer the land of Oros and become the Apex Predator."

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Sling TV updates user interface on Xbox One

Dish Network's Sling TV has a bunch of visual changes up its sleeve, and those changes are arriving first for those on Xbox One. The service announced the new changes today; included among them is a new channel guide and more details than before. Says Sling TV, subscriber feedback directly influenced this newest improvement. As such, the company is wanting more feedback — if you have a Sling TV subscription, you can tweet your feedback at Sling and make your voice known.

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Things are rolling for the Xbox One and they are rolling fast, all heading for the grand November update party. Just last Monday, Major Nelson revealed some of the latest and greatest features in the New Xbox One Experience that is rolling out to a select few testers. Now its time for other parts of the Xbox ecosystem to get a revamp. At the top of the list is the website, which now features two new capabilities. On Windows 10 as well, the Xbox app, still in beta, lands on the Microsoft Store.

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HITMAN delayed until March

While the next HITMAN game was until recently set for release on December 8th, it's been delayed. The creators of the game at Io-Interactive suggest that this game is the "biggest venture [they've] ever undertaken" and that the playable area and density of the game is beyond any game they've created before. This release date change is suggested to be allowing for more content to be added to the game's initial content set. The creators will then "follow with a tighter frequency of updates" than they'd originally planned.

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Elite: Dangerous comes to Xbox One on October 6

We'd previously heard Elite: Dangerous was heading to the Xbox One, and now we know when it'll be arriving: on October 6. The information comes from Frontier Developments’ CEO David Braben, who was kind enough to answer a series of questions posted in an AMA on Reddit. Among the questions was an inquiry about when we’d see the full release for the Xbox One. Turns out there’s only about a month of waiting left.

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Destiny year 2 update begins

Today the Destiny 2.0 update will begin arriving on your gaming devices. This update will bring a swath of new features to the game for all users, including higher level caps, attack power adjustments, and a set of adjustments for the new Light system. A new set of weapon changes is appearing as well, including higher base damage for Auto Rifles - for example. Year Two weapon lethality is being taken into account with Year One stat perks - the amount these perks buff your weapon stat has been reduced - meaningful trade-offs can commence.

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Expand your Xbox gaming with new Chatpad, Seagate Game Drive

Gamescom this week has seen Microsoft make its biggest pitch to try and wrest the laurel away from Sony's PlayStation 4. While the jury still deliberates on whether it has succeeded or not (and some already think it has), Microsoft continues to throw more and more goodies to the gaming public. Completely optional but at the same time completely wanted, Microsoft is making available two peripherals for its Xbox consoles that extend the gaming experience almost quite literally, with a Chatpad controller plugin and a new Seagate Game Drive storage.

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