Family Share for iOS 8: iTunes sharing & kid purchase permission

Kids accidentally racking up hundreds of dollars of iTunes and App Store purchases may be a thing of the past with iOS 8, with Apple adding Family Share to better interlink accounts of parents and children. Family Share for iOS 8 allows a group of people set as a family to share their apps and media bought from the App Store and iTunes across all of their devices, while the security to prevent unauthorized purchases has been boosted, too.

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iOS 8 Keyboard adds contextual autocorrect

Apple's new keyboard for iPhone and iPad has been previewed, with the iOS 8 'board making intelligent suggestions for autocomplete. The new layout keeps track of who you're writing to and the sort of language style you generally use with them, switching between dictionaries according to how professional or familiar you are.

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Spotlight in iOS 8 will find apps, media, and give directions

Users of iPhones and/or iPads are getting a neat new feature in iOS 8, as Spotlight gets a few new features that bring a more contextual feel. Complimenting Siri, Spotlight can now find things you didn’t even know you wanted, or maybe things you did but weren’t sure how to find. On your device or elsewhere, Spotlight will be a go-to source.

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iOS 8 official at WWDC with expanded developer experience

Apple has made clear that they’re intending on taking the iPhone and the iPad out a new door this week with a release of iOS 8 that will change the developer experience. Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that "iOS 8 is a giant release and is really two stories, not one. It has great end user features, but it also has dev features."

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Dr Dre speaks with Apple onstage at WWDC 2014

Today in a demonstration of how OS X Yosemite was able to use an iPhone as a relay to make phone calls, Apple made a call to Dr. Dre. His phone number - almost certainly a single-use number - called up Dre on stage. "Hey how you doing, this is Dre," said Dre, "I'm glad you called. I heard Tim gets in early — what time should I show up for work."

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