WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013 liveblog reminder: SlashGear will be here at 10AM PST!

Apple's big WWDC 2013 keynote will be starting at 10AM PST tomorrow morning (that's June 10th, if you did not know), and SlashGear will be bringing a liveblog to you straight from inside the Moscone Center. If the banners we've seen tied with the rumors, tips, and suggestions hold true, we'll be seeing an event that will boost the capabilities of Apple's iPhone and iPad ranges while it gives a full hardware upgrade to its laptops across the board. You'll be able to catch is all in our WWDC 2013: SlashGear Live page (linked below) just before the start and through the entirety of the event.

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WWDC 2013 iOS 7 expectations: 8 features we’ll be waiting for

WWDC is coming up quick, folks. On Monday, we’d like to think that Apple will be announcing some new products, including some new MacBooks, a possible iRadio announcement, and maybe a Mac Pro refresh. However, something we’re almost certain about is an iOS 7 unveil, thanks to getting a peek at the banners at Moscone West before WWDC kicks off. I’ve spent a lot of time with iOS, and while I mostly love the user interface, design, and apps, there are several features that are downright annoying that Apple needs to fix in iOS 7.

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WWDC 2013 Hardware Expectations: MacBook Air, Retina Pro, Mac Pro refresh

Monday will be the day that Apple brings its yearly developers conference to the city of San Francisco once again, with plenty of software updates in the wings: but what about hardware? Here in the week before WWDC 2013, several devices have been tipped or otherwise leaked, with upgrades and refreshes of devices we've seen in the past looking to be the stars of the main event keynote. This will mirror last years' event in which several notebooks were given upgrades and the Mac Pro was given a boost behind the scenes.

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WWDC 2013: what you WON’T be seeing

Starting Monday, Apple's 2013 iteration of their developers convention WWDC begins in San Francisco - and there's a lot you'll not be seeing. It's not that there'll be a lot of information under the skin and behind closed doors, that's not what this is all about. Instead, it's all about what's still in the wings at Apple, what's not quite ready to be released, and what will never, ever be released, especially not next week.

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iOS 7 gets flat with Apple banner at WWDC [UPDATE: OS X]

Just days away from the start of the multi-day event, Apple has begun to decorate the Moscone Center West in San Francisco for its yearly developers conference WWDC. This year's first banner appears to bring iOS 7 to the mix with a clear and present - and massive - number 7 in rainbow-colored font. Though it's difficult to tell at the moment with so little to go on, this may be indicative of a "flattening" going on in the aesthetic presentation of the mobile software.

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Apple iRadio gets green light after Sony Music reportedly agrees

Apple has reportedly inked a deal with Sony Music that will bring the label's content to the much-rumored "iRadio" streaming service, insiders claim, paving the way for an official launch at Monday's WWDC 2013 keynote. Sony Music had been a hold-out in discussions, but has now settled on an agreement with Apple, a source with knowledge of the negotiations told AllThingsD, giving the Cupertino firm the support of the three key labels.

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