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HTC announce Touch Diamond: ‘Usable Mobile Internet’

At HTC's London event this morning, the company announced their latest smartphone, the HTC Touch Diamond. With a casing made up of multiple angled facets, the handset will be the first to feature HTC's new TouchFLO 3D, with an animated 3D touchscreen interface meaning that the Touch Diamond can be operated with just one hand. As for connectivity it will have HSDPA/HSUPA 7.2Mbps, and for imaging a 3.1-megapixel camera.

Android is coming, how will handset manufacturers handle the relationship between their Windows Mobile handsets and Android handsets?

Android phones are starting to slowly come out of the woodwork with no official production ready models being announced yet. However there is an event in London involving HTC on May 6th, a company that vowed to release the first Android phone. They are also known for making some of the best Windows Mobile handsets that are on the market. So the question is, how does Microsoft feel about this, and more specifically, how will manufacturers like HTC keep the peace within their own companies?

It just wouldn’t make sense for mobile phone manufacturers like HTC to make the exact same phone twice just offering your choice of Android or Windows Mobile, it would kind of be nice, but exclusive handsets tipped to one OS or the other are what really moves units. For example, would the XPERIA X1 be such a big deal if it wasn’t running the next generation of Windows Mobile software? Maybe, but I’d guess not.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 has lots of new features, let’s start with the new version of Internet Explorer that comes with the bundle and offers up the ability to view full-sized web pages and even multimedia on the web pages. The browser has technologies from IE6 built in alongside support for H.264, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight.

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HTC Shift CDMA EV-DO UMPC review

HTC have made a name for themselves with capable, business-friendly smartphones, and when back in March 2007 they first suggested they were turning their hand to the UMPC market there was no shortage of interest. Boasting full Windows Vista support, as well as a cut-down quick-start SnapVue interface for basic tasks, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and multiple wireless options, the HTC Shift was hailed by some as likely to be the first decent UMPC. The subsequent journey from announcement to actual launch - a point first estimated for Q3 2007 - has been punctuated by delays, wavering interest and more than a little criticism of how competitive its specs are in light of the latest competition; HTC sent over the new CDMA version of the Shift, complete with Sprint EV-DO support, for SlashGear to see whether time has been kind to the UMPC.

Windows Mobile 6.1 coming for you on April Fools Day

Do you remember that semi-formal roadmap we saw not too long ago that pretty much stated that Microsoft had seen the error of their mobile ways and with 6.1 they were going to fix a lot of things and make a move towards higher useability? Well I don’t know if that’s come true or not, but word is that we’ll find out on April 1st.

Supposedly April 1st is the release date for the new version of Windows Mobile which is rumored to include a newer, better, web browser that allows for zoom and scrolling with ease. It also will offer up a more Vista-like UI, copy/paste from IE, new fonts, a task manage more similar to its desktop siblings, WiFi indicator, and auto-configure in ActiveSync for your email.

REDFLY Mobile Companion – like Palm Foleo for your Windows Mobile devices

It only works with Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6, but it works almost exactly how the Palm Foleo was supposed to. The only sad thing is that the Foleo worked with both WinMo and Palm’s mobile OS, why couldn’t they pull that off with this notebook?

Day 1 – What is Mobius?

Day 1 – What is Mobius?

According to John Starkweather, Mobius is about a never ending conversation. A group devoted to following and reporting on topics and news related to mobile devices and consumer electronics. Click play to listen to John’s explanation.

[youtube LdOWYtbX5Ro]

By the way, I got a glimpse of an updated version of Windows Mobile on current hardware - and no it’s not Windows Mobile 7. OEMs will receive the updated version of Windows Mobile in Q1 of 2008.

E-ten releases the Glofiish M800 smartphone

E-ten releases the Glofiish M800 smartphone

E-ten releases their latest Glofiish today, the M800. The design is quite similar with the X800, however the M800 sports a slider QWERTY keyboard. Under the hood, E-ten Glofiish is powered by Samsung S3C2442 500Mhz CPU and equipped with 256MB of Flash ROM plus 64MB RAM. Users can expand their storage using microSD card.

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Dashwire: Not just an online backup solution

Seattle based Dashwire, is looking to change the way you use your Windows Mobile based cell phone. Ford Davidson, founder and CEO of Dashwire, wants you to put your cell phone on the shelf and click through its contents with this web based cellphone management tool. Dashwire will automatically pull your contact information, text messages, and media from your phone and make it available to view, edit, and download online.

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