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Microsoft release Windows Marketplace for Mobile “prohibited app types” list

Microsoft have announced their twelve commandments for their Windows Marketplace for Mobile download store, and they seem to have taken a leaf out of Apple's book.  The new list [pdf link] concerns itself with "prohibited application types", and as well as the perhaps expected software - carrier-unfriendly VoIP, anything that secretly shares the user's data or GPS position - there's also some bad news for Handango and other software download services.

Interestingly, now that Microsoft have finally stepped into the on-device app distribution arena, they're keen to make sure users stay within their service.  Although the company has previously confirmed that other software download systems are welcome to develop and release rival app-stores, rules one and two are that software must not "distribute alternate marketplaces" or "promote alternate marketplaces".  Similar, Microsoft are keen to get their slice of the licensing pie, with rule three forbidding apps that direct buyers to an external page for payment.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 themes leak

There's no denying that Windows Mobile 6.5 will bring with it plenty of functionality improvements, but we'd be lying if we said the new themes and general sprucing up of the whole OS visually weren't another draw.  Screenshots of the new WM6.5 themes - the handiwork of designers including Diane von Fürstenberg and Vera Wang - have emerged, and they look a whole lot better than Windows Mobile 6.1 ever did.

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Samsung announces Mondi mobile internet device

Today at CTIA, Samsung announced the Mondi, a small, Windows Mobile powered device, featuring WiMax and WiFi capabilities. The Mondi has a 4.3" touch screen, packs Bluetooth 2.1, a 3MP camera with video capture, a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, HDMI out, and 4GB of internal storage.

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Microsoft Marketplace counts bug-fixes as new submissions

Back when the first developer details for the Windows Marketplace for Mobile app-store emerged, Microsoft made no bones about their $99 yearly fee for developers.  That charge, they told us, included up to five submissions per year; what has now become clear is what exactly counts as a submission, and it looks as though that inclusive five will be all to easy to burn through.  For a start, application updates will count as a new submission.

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Zer01 Mobile details emerge: multiple carrier agreements

Further details of Zer01 Mobile's VoIP service have emerged, suggesting that the carrier will not only use AT&T's network, as first reported, but has interconnect agreements with several US carriers.  The $69.99 monthly fee gets unlimited calling in the US and unlimited data; a further $10 per month adds unlimited international calls to 40 destinations.


YouTube app for Windows Mobile & S60 released

YouTube have released a free video viewer for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 phones.  The app, which supports searches together with browsing through the Top Rated, Most Viewed and Most Viewed categories, goes some way to making up for the lack of Flash support in many mobile browsers.

Video demos on WM6.1 and S60 devices after the cut

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Windows Marketplace for Mobile dev details released

Microsoft have released operational details of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, including fees for developers hoping to distribute their applications via the system.  Both paid and free software will be available, with a $99 yearly registration fee for developers; 70-percent of app revenue will go to the developer themselves.

The yearly registration fee includes up to five submissions to the Marketplace; subsequent submissions are charged at $99 per app.  Student developers can bypass the fees by signing up to the Microsoft DreamSpark program.  As for the price of each individual app, that can be set by the developer themselves.

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