Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft release Windows Marketplace for Mobile “prohibited app types” list

Microsoft have announced their twelve commandments for their Windows Marketplace for Mobile download store, and they seem to have taken a leaf out of Apple's book.  The new list [pdf link] concerns itself with "prohibited application types", and as well as the perhaps expected software - carrier-unfriendly VoIP, anything that secretly shares the user's data or GPS position - there's also some bad news for Handango and other software download services.

Interestingly, now that Microsoft have finally stepped into the on-device app distribution arena, they're keen to make sure users stay within their service.  Although the company has previously confirmed that other software download systems are welcome to develop and release rival app-stores, rules one and two are that software must not "distribute alternate marketplaces" or "promote alternate marketplaces".  Similar, Microsoft are keen to get their slice of the licensing pie, with rule three forbidding apps that direct buyers to an external page for payment.

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Toshiba TG01 gets video review

The Toshiba TG01 isn't set to reach the market until the summer, but that hasn't stopped PocketPCItalia from getting their hands on the 9.9mm-thick Windows Mobile smartphone and putting it through its paces on video.  The TG01 has a huge 4.1-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen and custom Toshiba GUI; it looks like the company has been doing some work on speeding up the smartphone since we caught it on video back at the London launch.

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HTC Touch Diamond2 review

It's set to be a tough year for smartphones, and there's plenty of change afoot as companies battle amid tightening customer purse-strings.  The new iPhone is set to arrive over the summer; Palm's Pre is imminent, and Microsoft have the latest incarnation of Windows Mobile waiting in the wings.  Into that fray, HTC launch the Touch Diamond2, likely one of the last smartphones to use WM6.1 and an update to what was considered, when it launched a year ago, one of the game-changing handsets of Microsoft's platform.  Can the HTC Touch Diamond2 maintain that legacy, and will TouchFLO 3D improvements sufficiently mask the aging OS?  SlashGear set to finding out.

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Samsung Omnia Pro with AMOLED & QWERTY tipped

Samsung are preparing a QWERTY-blessed version of their Omnia Windows Mobile smartphone, according to, which like many other recent cellphones from the company will use an AMOLED touchscreen display.  The Samsung Omnia Pro, a mock-up of which is below, will have a 5-megapixel camera with flash, autofocus and an image stabilizer.

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Microsoft set to release Windows Mobile 6.5 next month

It looks like we finally have an official release date for Windows Mobile 6.5. Microsoft took to their corporate blog today and made the announcement that the mobile operating system will be released on May 11th.

This date makes sense and syncs up with the Microsoft TechEd 2009 conference, which will serve as a demonstration of the new operating system for developers and other people involved in the tech industry.

There will also be special seminars on various aspects of Windows Mobile 6.5 including the gestures and touch interface. The newest version of Microsoft's mobile platform is intended to keep them afloat in the world of handhelds where touch UIs have become so commonplace.

Toshiba’s product roadmap leaked

If this is authentic, Toshiba has some interesting products lined up through 2010. leaked a powerpoint slide of Toshiba's product roadmap featuring a few handheld computers featuring the Qualcomm SnapDragon platform. There were prototypes first demoed at CES earlier this year, and from the looks of it, those prototypes are ending up as real products.

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Windows Mobile 6.5 themes leak

There's no denying that Windows Mobile 6.5 will bring with it plenty of functionality improvements, but we'd be lying if we said the new themes and general sprucing up of the whole OS visually weren't another draw.  Screenshots of the new WM6.5 themes - the handiwork of designers including Diane von Fürstenberg and Vera Wang - have emerged, and they look a whole lot better than Windows Mobile 6.1 ever did.

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Microsoft Windows Marketplace details, new dev policies, WM6.5 themes

Microsoft have been spilling more details on Windows Mobile 6.5, including screenshots of a newly-refreshed GUI and a long list of over 25 companies signed up to produce content, software and generally lend a hand.  Among the fray will be an official Facebook application - complete with direct photo and video uploads - launched in April, together with games from EA Mobile and Gameloft.  Microsoft have also tweaked the contentious developer policies making issuing updates less expensive.

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