Windows 10 headed to Xbox One after the summer

Microsoft plans to put Windows 10 on everything from PCs to smartphones and tablets. That Windows 10 love will spill over to your Xbox One gaming console as well getting just about every hardware device Microsoft fiddles with into the Windows 10 love fest. If you are looking forward to trying out Windows 10 on your Xbox One exactly when it will land for the game console is a bit clearer now after some details were offered from Phil Spencer.

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KUPA Ultranote X15 puts Windows 8 Pro tablets on notice

This week the folks at Dynamism are presenting a beast of a tablet by the name of KUPA Ultranote X15, made to bring beastly specifications to a space that's not quite up to speed yet with future-ready Windows 8 UI. This tablet works with 8GB DDR3 RAM combined with either i5 or i7 Intel Core processors - 3rd gen Ivy Bridge, of course. Up front you get a 10.1-inch IPS display at 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio - and that's not all!

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Samsung promises “groundbreaking” Windows 8 device reveal on October 15th

The folks at Samsung have sent out invites to a press event in which they'll be revealing a set of new Windows 8-toting devices, not least of all notebooks with ultra-thin bodies and touchscreen displays. This event is set to take place at a museum, of all places, with "Framing the Future" as their key catchphrase. Here we'll be seeing Samsung go all-in for Microsoft's next-generation operating system, you can bet!

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