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Western Digital VelociRaptor VR150 – insane performance from 2.5-inch drive

Western Digital know how to make a decent drive, and with the VelociRaptor VR150 they've shown they can create an eye-catching one too.  Proclaimed as the world's first 2.5-inch Serial ATA drive with a 10,000rpm spindle speed, the unit sits inside a mean looking "IcePAK" drive caddy that performs double duty as a heatsink - courtesy of the thirteen cooling fins - and as an adaptor to make the VR150 compatible with standard 3.5-inch bays.  A good thing, too, as the $300 drive wouldn't be much good in a laptop: at 15mm thick it's almost double a standard 2.5-inch notebook drive.  Tech Report have been putting the VelociRaptor through its paces, to see whether the drive lives up to Western Digital's performance promises.

Western Digital My Passport Essential Colors – now in more colors than black

In fact, you get 10 colors to choose from. They are the same USB bus powered pocket sized external hard drives you’ve become accustomed to, the only difference is that now you can get them in a color to match you.

Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II – high speed high capacity storage for the creative pro in you

This external hard drive is directed at creative professionals and video editors who need a lot of fast storage space so they can do their work. This drive can certainly provide it and won’t be slowed by the interface by which it connects to your computer either since it has four of them.

Western Digital Shipping new 640GB HDDs – now with 320GB per platter

Western Digital’s new WD Caviar SE16 drive has two platters with 320GB per platter inside making for 640GB total. Sure it’s a weird capacity, but if I can pick it up for the same, or close to the same price as a 500GB drive, then I like it.

Western Digital trying to claim highest density single platter HDD title

They released the Caviar SE16 HDD which has a single platter inside sporting 320GB of data storage on that one platter. Yes, all you Samsung fans (myself included after what I saw at CES) they are trying to claim that somehow this drive beats out the density of Samsung’s SpinPoint F1 drives that fit about 334GB of data on a single platter.

Western Digital Passport 320GB – largest external 2.5-inch drive

Western Digital Passport 320GB – largest external 2.5-inch drive

Western Digital recently announces its latest and largest internal laptop hard drive sporting 320GB of storage. Now, WD is making its largest mobile drive available as a portable external hard drive. The 320GB Western Digital Passport is available in five colors and feature data encryption with its WD Sync software (windows only). The 320 WD Passport will cost you $230.

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Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB HDD

So, Samsung has this series of hardrives called the Spinpoint F1 series, with the HD103UJ topping it at 1TB. All three drives in the series have a data density of 350GB, operate at 7200RPMs, and utilize the SATA/300 interface.

its the one on the left.

Only the 750GB and 1TB drives have the full 32MB cache though. All of that calculates to make the 1TB drive have a total average access time of 14.2 milliseconds, which, in the terabyte hard drive market (there aren’t many) is slow, in fact, Seagate and Hitachi have models that perform at 12.7ms and 13.8ms respectively, so the only company the Samsung beats out is the WD Caviar GP with its 15/15.1ms access time.

Western Digital ships 320GB notebook hard drives

Western Digital ships 320GB notebook hard drives

Western Digital starting to ship its new Scorpio 320GB 2.5-inch Serial ATA hard drive (WD3200BEVT). I use the 250GB version on my own laptop and have been quite happy with its performance despite the 5400RPM rotation speed.

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Amazing storage density achieved by Western Digital

They were able to hit 520GB per square inch, which means I now want a freaking hard drive that holds that much data that’s not much bigger than a square inch. Yeah sure, they’ll probably use the technology to crank out hard drives somewhere in the multi-terabyte range, but I think it would be awesome to have a thumb drive that could hold 520GB.

I guess this is just proof that telling someone they can’t do something is just more motivation to do just that, since Hitachi just said earlier this week that the Tunneling Magneto-Resistive head used wouldn’t be able to do just what WD has accomplished. Of course Hitachi was saying that as they announced their new CPP-GMR read/write head tech.

Western Digital My Books upgraded to 2TB

I require a lot of storage space for my music and video files, however, never have I thought to myself that I need 2TB of external storage space. However, for those of you that need every last MB of space will be happy to hear about the latest My Book hard drives from Western Digital.

Western Digital’s new AV drives are in it for the long haul

Western Digital has been in the hard drive business for quite some time now. Their latest drives are built on the idea that some devices are accessing and writing to the hard drive around the clock.

DVR's are probably the best example of those devices. I know that mine is recording shows all throughout the day, not to mention every time you hit that beloved pause button, your drive is writing more data. The AV drives from Western Digital are using new technology to stretch out their lives, and make them quieter.

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