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Western Digital to ship 2TB Caviar Green hdd this week?

Leak hints Western Digital is set to unveil its 2TB version Caviar Green, the WD20EADS, possibly by the end of the week. We are taking about a 3.5-inch format hdd with 500GB per platter design here, squeezing 2TB of capacity onto one single disk drive, not the raid version of My Book external drive with multi drives device.

Western Digital released firmware 1.01.01 for WD TV HD Media Player

The does-it-all WD TV Media Player that reads not only HFS+ but also FAT32 and NTFS was proven buggy in its initial rollout. That’s to be expected for a media device with such broad range of playback-ability. Interested parties hold up for better firmware fixes and supports now can get their hands on one, with more added features that you could possibility imagine.

WD TV Media Player does 1080P and plays MKV

Western Digital has launched an affordable HD Multimedia Player, a $130 compact and light weight media box that supports a wide variety of video, audio and photo formats. Unlike Apple Player, a built-in storage is not included. Contents are supported via attached an USB device, which includes company’s My Passport portable drives, up to two drives at once and playbacks to your displays via HDMI or component output. But the WD has better media supports and promises to deliver motion pictures at its full extend of HD format up to 1080p.

[updated : WD has released firmware 1.01.01 update for this media player]

Western Digital My Passport Studio Drive now with FireWire 800

Western Digital My Passport Studio Drive now with FireWire 800

If you've lamented the speed with which you can back up your data then Western Digital has a solution for you. With their My Passport Studio Drive, you can now use FireWire 800 for faster transfer speeds.

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Toshiba keen on Fujitsu’s hard-drive business

With Western Digital tipped to be negotiating with Fujitsu over acquiring the latter's hard-drive business, Toshiba has thrown its hat into the fray.  A Toshiba executive has told the Wall Street Journal that, if Fujitsu approached the company, they would consider putting in a bid of their own. 

Fujitsu selling hard-drive business to Western Digital

Fujitsu selling hard-drive business to Western Digital

Fujitsu and Western Digital are in the midst of negotiating a deal that would see the former hand over its entire hard-drive business as part of a  ¥70 billion to ¥100 billion (US$661 million to US$944 million) buy-out.  According to the Chinese-language Nikkei business daily, talks between the two companies have been in progress for some time now, with an agreement expected by the end of the year.

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Western Digital Caviar Green series HDD gets greener

Western Digital has updated and shipped its Eco-friendly Green Caviar drive better than ever. The second generation WD’s Caviar Green hard drives now consume 20 percent less power yet deliver 10 percent more in performance over the previous version.

Western Digital Passport and Essential lines get larger capacities

Western Digital Passport and Essential lines get larger capacities

Western Digital announced the increase in capacity for their My Passport Elite and Essential lines on Monday. These portable USB drives now can store up to 500GB of data.  

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Western Digital ships 2.5-inch 500Gb, may reach 1TB by early 2010

The days of a bare one terabyte notebook-size drive could happen as early as beginning of 2010. Hard drive manufacturers like Western Digital, Fujitsu and Seagate are on their race to break the Terabyte boundary in 2.5-inch standard storage. We’ll get to that when the time comes, meanwhile you can get half of that capacity today with Western Digital Scopio Blue series.

Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition USB RAID-1 array

Western Digital's latest attempt to cash in on our general guilt over not backing up files is the My Book Mirror Edition.  Effectively bridging the gap between a traditional standalone USB hard-drive and a full-spec network-attached storage (NAS) device, the Mirror Edition still connects to a single computer via USB but automatically duplicates files across two hard-drives.  Both 1TB and 2TB versions are available.

Western Digital working on 20,000rpm HDD to rival SSD

Last Friday, when Seagate announced its intention to build Enterprise-level SSDs, iSuppli analyst Krishna Chander described rival Western Digital as "too deeply lost" in traditional hard-drives.  Today, rumors are spreading that WD, far from being "lost", are in fact planning a platter-based alternative to high-speed solid-state storage.  According to sources close to the hard-drive industry, WD are working on a new unit in the company's Raptor range that would run at an astonishing 20,000rpm. 

Western Digital Scorpio Black 7,200rpm notebook drives

Western Digital has unveiled its latest mobile hard-drives, the Scorpio Black range, and while they might not be rocking the solid-state bandwagon they've little to be ashamed of.  Available in capacities ranging from 80GB to 320GB, the 2.5-inch drives all spin at 7,200rpm and have 16MB cache; connectivity is via 3GB/s SATA.  However despite all that performance potential, Western Digital are saying that the new drives consume only the power demanded by a slower, 5,400rpm model.

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