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WD’s Ultrastar He10 is world’s first 10TB Helium-filled HDD

Remember the days when a 1 TB hard drive was still a rare and expensive treasure? Well, now we're entering into the realm of double digits. And more than that, we're also injecting helium into them. That's exactly what Western Digital is boasting about as it announced the Ultrastar He10, what it bills as the world's first 10 TB hard drive that uses Helium instead of the traditional, plain air inside. Not only does it offer an extraordinarily huge amount of storage space, it also offers the lowest power consumption and highest reliability raiting, says WD.

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Western Digital to purchase SanDisk for $19B

It seems the ultimate digital storage products company has just been formed, as Western Digital has announced its acquisition of SanDisk for roughly $19 billion. With its wide range of hard drives and solid state drives (SSD), Western Digital is already the world's largest manufacturer of digital storage items, while SanDisk is seen as the third largest flash memory companies in the world.

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WD My Book Pro RAID storage hides up to 12TB capacity

WD has unveiled a new external storage device for computer users that aims to be incredibly fast and offer lots of storage capacity. The device is called the MyBook Pro and it is a RAID storage array that uses Intel Thunderbolt 2 technology to deliver data transfer rates of 435 MB/s making it the fastest external solution that WD has offered to date.

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Western Digital adds four members to My Cloud NAS products

With the amount of information available at our fingertips these days, we just can't have enough storage. And more than that, we need access to them anywhere, whether just in the next room or in another city. That is why data storage manufacturers like Western Digital are increasing their line of "personal cloud" solutions, in other words, Network Attached Storage or NAS. Western Digital has just announced four additions to its NAS line, dubbed the My Cloud family, including two from a completely new Business series.

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WD Black2 pairs SSD and HDD for Fusion Drive style flexibility

Western Digital has outed its latest drive, the WD Black2, pairing a sizable chunk of solid-state storage with a more capacious traditional HDD for the best of both worlds. The 2.5-inch drive has 120GB of SSD capacity and 1TB of HDD space, and gives the option of greater control over which data is stored where, unlike existing caching drives or, indeed, Apple's proprietary Fusion Drive system.

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