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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 48 2008

It's been a shorter working week what with Thanksgiving on Thursday, and much of the gadget news has been around what offers, bargains and discounts were on offer at cash-strapped retailers. SlashGear has done its bit to ease your present picking pickle, with the 2008 Holiday Gift Guide. We've also had reviews of Sony's VAIO LV and VAIO RT all-in-one PCs; will you be lucky enough to find one of these monster media machines under your tree next month?

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 47 2008

Most anticipated news this week was the launch of the BlackBerry Storm on Verizon Wireless, RIM's first touchscreen handset.  If you're at all considering the Storm then make sure to check out our two part super-review: part one is here, part two is here.

Meanwhile, Apple released firmware 2.2 for the iPhone, bringing with it Street View and over-the-air podcast downloads among other things.  Check out the full details of the upgrade here.  That release was followed in short order by QuickPwn for v2.2.  What the new firmware didn't include was MMS messaging, but that might be arriving sooner rather than later if Mobispine have their way.

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 46 2008

It's been a mobile device bonanza this week, with the AT&T Fuze landing at SlashGear and promptly getting hauled over to the Sprint HTC Touch Pro for a damned good comparing.  Meanwhile HTC have set tongues wagging by fettling a version of the Touch HD for a Russian WiMAX carrier: they assure us that the HTC MAX 4G won't be showing up anywhere else, but forgive us if we're natural sceptics.  Meanwhile Verizon finally confirmed that the BlackBerry Storm 9530 would hit stores on November 24th, priced from $199.99, AT&T released the QuickFire, and Nokia confirmed the open-secret that is the E63 smartphone.

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 45 2008

It's been all about the smartphones this week, with the long-awaited HTC Touch HD finally reaching our hands for one of the first full English-language reviews online.  If our initial video demos last week whetted your appetite, head over to part one and part two of our full review to really gorge yourself.  Meanwhile, to cheer up those in the US who are still smarting over HTC's decision not to offer the Touch HD there, we reviewed AT&T's newly released BlackBerry Bold.

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 43 2008

We kicked off the week with some high-profile reviews here at SlashGear, putting the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops through their paces.  If you're considering one of these slick new machines - or are wondering what style features other manufacturers will be copying over the next six months - make sure to check them out!  We also played with a more budget computing option in the shape of the ASUS Eee PC 1000HA.

Meanwhile cellphones have been on the test bench, with Sprint's pair of new Samsungs - the messaging Rant and the musical HighNote - squaring up against Velocity Mobile's 103 smartphone.  We had to leave our desks to try out Blackline's GPS Snitch, however, but were back in before curfew to play with some toys: WowWee's Bladestar remote control helicopter, for one, and a rather more unusual review of the WowWee Femisapien

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 41 2008

Laptops big and small have monopolized the headlines this week, with the most anticipation being Apple's upcoming MacBook event on Tuesday October 14th.  SlashGear will be live-blogging the whole thing, so join us at http://Live.SlashGear.com at 10am PST.  Meanwhile the 'Brick' rumors of what Steve Jobs might be announcing keep on coming: we've seen water-jet cutting systems, $800 price-points and several purported photo leaks.  Of course, Apple are saying nothing until Tuesday; they're too busy blaming NVIDIA for a spate of MacBook graphics failures.

SlashGear Week in Review – Week 40 2008

Biggest news this week has been in gaming, with Nintendo announcing the latest iteration of their DS handheld.  The DSi introduces new multimedia features - for instance a 3-megapixel camera - and an even thinner body, at the expense of battery life.  Don't get too excited, though; the US won't see the DSi until "well into" 2009.

In netbooks, ASUS slipped in a few new models at both the low and high-end of the market, with the Eee PC 900HA and 904HA offering bargain 160GB storage while the S101 corners the more-fashionable (and expensive) end.  That's a niche the ASUS N10 already occupies; that netbook ran the review gauntlet this week, proving "technologically clever" but simply too expensive.  ASUS - and MSI, whose Wind U90 was panned too - must be looking enviably at Gigabyte's M912M convertible touchscreen netbook, which was good enough to pull a credit card from the wallet of one reviewer.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 39 2008

Netbooks made their typical strong showing this week, with ASUS announcing their intention to put 3G HSUPA into the Eee PC 901.  Meanwhile their N10 was reviewed and deemed the first netbook "suitable for serious gaming", a promising title indeed.  Lenovo's S10 also hit reviewers' benches, making a strong - if at times warm - case for the smallest IdeaPad, while Packard Bell unveiled their 'dot', targeted much more at the budget end of the scale.  They'll have a fight on their hands, though; SlashGear reviewed the Acer Aspire One this week too, and when it comes to value for money it's a tough one to beat.

Arguably the biggest news of the week, however, has been T-Mobile's G1 - the first Android-based handset to be officially announced.  Our sister-site AndroidCommunity.com ran a Live Blog of the whole event (and gave away a G1 to one lucky forum member), and we've got the photo galleries and hands-on video to show for it.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 36 2008

Netbooks returned to the top of the page this week, as Dell finally confirmed their first entrance to the budget ultraportable market.  The specs of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 may not be all that surprising - given both the regular leaking pre-announcement and the fact that all of these machines are pretty similar - but the brand name will likely make it the netbook to beat.  In a way it's a shame, because there are far more exciting devices - such as the Raon Digital Everun Note - that, by virtue of being less well known, will struggle to make themselves heard.

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