Hercules Dualpix HD720p high-def webcam

Don't back away from the screen in terror; we've had it on good authority that the Hercules Dualpix HD720p you see here is actually considerably smaller in real life.  What such a large image does help show you, though, is that the webcam is HD 720p capable, complete with an autofocus lens and integrated microphone.

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OmniVision Takes a Step Toward High Definition Web and Mobile Phone Cameras

Today marks the day that OmniVision announced a sensor that could potentially make 1080p video capture a very real possibility in mobile devices. And not in ten years. The sensor is called the OV2710, and it can record the HD resolution at 30 frames per second, and it utilizes a 2-megapixel camera that matches the format. Keeping the megapixels low adds quite a few benefits, like lower expenses and getting better image quality in low lighting situations.

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Intel mix face-tracking and speech-recognition for better hands-free PC control

If you've tried to use speech recognition to control your computer, then you may have experienced the frustration of finding "George, stop touching that!" transcribed into your letter to the bank since the system doesn't differentiate between your dictation and your asides.  Intel are hoping to put a stop to all that, with their integration of facial-recognition and speech-recognition; part of the company's Research team experimentation, the prototype uses a webcam to track facial movement and only turn on speech-control when the user is facing their monitor.

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Sony PlayStation Eye to get facial recognition

Sony have revealed plans to add facial recognition capabilities to their PlayStation Eye webcam, potentially stealing part of Microsoft's Project Natal thunder.  According to Kish Hirani, Sony Europe's head of developer services, the functionality will soon be added to the existing hardware, with developer libraries available for games studios so that they don't need to exert effort specifically coding for the new system.

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Chiara Robot with WiFi b/g, articulated claw & Pico-ITX brain [Video]

Autonomous, intelligent robots are great, but when they look like classic Transformers characters they're even better.  The handiwork of Mellon University's Tekkotsu lab, the Chiara Robot has six independent legs, a claw arm with six degrees of freedom, and a combination of webcam and IR rangefinder for spotting objects and obstacles.  Even better, this is no simple lab project: the Chiara Robot will actually be manufactured and sold by RoPro Design.

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