The Dr. Who Webcam is technologically challenged

Dr. Who is one of the many highly recognizable symbols among geeks everywhere and now you can have a Dr. Who inspired webcam. Specifically, capturing a detailed Dalek design.

ECS G10IL is officially a go – on sale sometime in April

This Eee competitor is more inline with ASUS’ newest offerings, but this notebook will be available a bit sooner than the new Eee. It has 3G, choice of SSD or HDD, and choice of 8.9 or 10.2 inch displays.

The 3G comes in the form of a tri-band HSPA modem that works in the US, Asia, and Europe. You also get a 1.3MB webcam and your choice of 4 of 6 cell batteries.

LucidTouch – now your other fingers get to do something too!

LucidTouch is an interesting concept that just seems like it would have a pass or fail type of learning spike. Essentially you get the touchscreen on the front you are used to, the one you use your thumbs on, and then via either a rear mounted camera or some other sort of touch sensor, your other fingers get to help out from the back.

Boynq Alibi Review – Cute and Fun Webcam-Speaker Combo

When they can fit a webcam into a milimeter-depth notch in a laptop's screen bezel, a manufacturer would have to be offering something pretty impressive to sell one standing eight inches tall on your desktop. But Boynq are positioning their Alibi unit as something more interesting than a simple way to video chat with your parents; it may be a 1.3-megapixel webcam with integrated speakers and microphone, but what you're really paying for is the design. Like some monstrous limb cinched in with the brushed-finish silver volume band, the Alibi's selling point is its pop-up, twist & rotate camera. SlashGear braved vague and unsettling memories of War of the Worlds and put the Alibi through its very purple paces.

iMac Curve Design – awe inspiring design questions Apple’s current inspirations

It’s a huge curved monitor that has an iMac Built in. That’s not all; there is a secondary display on the back. Have I mentioned this thing looks amazing?

Toshiba Satellite A300 and P300 notebooks

The A300 is a 15.4” notebook that now comes with your choice of Penryn or AMD dual core chips. You can choose between the 45nm Intel Penryn chip or an AMD TL-60 Turion processor.

Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra

Creative has released a total of 4 new Webcams all of which are Plug n Play capable, have integrated microphones, and as far as webcams go, look pretty attractive. The most interesting is the Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra which claims the ability to take up to 5MP still images.

Ping Pong Webcam from Brando

This gadget single-handedly makes me weep for the human race. Yes, I saw Balls of Fury, yes it was absolutely hilarious, but I think a ping pong webcam is just too, too far.

CES 2008: Toshiba demo Spurs Engine – PS3 Cell CPU in Qosmio laptop

Toshiba have taken the Cell CPU usually found in a Sony PS3 and put it into a concept Qosmio G45 laptop, giving the machine a total of six processors (the original Core 2 Duo is still there, plus the four 1.5GHz synergistic processing elements in the Cell) and the ability to perform high-complexity visual tasks in real-time.  The system is then able to upscale 640 x 480 video to 1080p via heavy-duty image processing in a mere three hours (whereas a normal Core 2 Duo machine would take 24), use the onboard webcam to recognise and translate hand gestures to control the laptop, and even trawl through stacks of video identifying common faces and building playlists from recurring actors.


CES 2008: WowWee unveil Rovio web-controlled webcam & creepy Mr Personality robot

Set to be bothering the ankles of CES explorers this year are two new 'bots from the WowWee stables: the slick, beetle-like Rovio and the frankly disturbing Mr Personality (shown after the cut).  The Rovio, capable of being controlled from any internet-enabled device thanks to its WiFi b/g hookup, has a built-in movable VGA webcam complete with sound, and can stream live footage across the network to wherever you are in the world.


Asus 2MP webcam – Scans business cards too

Right now Asus is hot. I don’t go through a day without seeing or hearing something about/by them. Like anything, when you’re doing well you don’t stop.

Ustream links families for the holidays

Nothing is more important than family during the holidays. It’s often a time of depression for people who are without someone dear to them. We all need hope, family and love around this time and that includes the soldiers who are out there fighting and can’t be with us at home.

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