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In-app browsers for iOS may be sniping your data

The hits keep coming for iOS today, don’t they? A new report suggest in-app browsers for iOS can log you keystrokes, right down to your username and/or password. Via a video, which you can see below, Developer Craig Hockenberry shows just how vulnerable you are outside of Chrome or Safari.

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Chrome browser may soon be much more like Chrome OS

Account switching in the Chrome browser can be a bit of a pain. Log off, log in, or find your way through the settings muck. However you do it, it’s not easy for households with multiple users. A new feature in Chrome Canary, a deep precursor to the Chrome browser you might be using, suggests Google is going to put account management front and center.

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Why Chrome browser on Windows eats batteries like crazy

If you're a dedicated Chrome user and have noticed your Windows laptop plunging into an earlier death than normal, then you may very well blame a "feature" that was introduced way back in 2010. Though that feature made sense in a day and age when browser plugins, Java applets, and Flash dominated the Web, Chrome's high-performance system tweaking has now become a liability that Google doesn't seem to be keen on addressing quickly.

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Opera Mini makes a comeback on iPhone and iPad

The mobile browsing market may be dominated by the likes of Firefox and Chrome, or Safari in Apple's world, but something as light and lithe as Opera's mobile browsers may still have a loyal following. With the new Opera Mini on iOS devices, users will be greeted by an overhauled user interface, more data compression options, and pretty themes.

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