Water Proof

NU Dolphin MP3 Player

Just this morning someone asked me if I wanted a waterproof bag for my MP3 player, I said no, that I had no use for it, they asked me if I ever took my Touch in the shower with me, and I laughed and said no. I really didn’t think that people actually had any interest in taking their music in the water with them.

Apparently they do though, as the NU Dolphin is 1GB worth of MP3 player and is made to go underwater with you. A charge will last you 8 hours of underwater goodness.

JVC XA-AW33 floating audio player

JVC has been showing off its new XA-AW33 floating audio player at CEATEC 2007. Just imagine one of those floating chlorine tablet things, but sealed off and with media controls on the top and you pretty much have got a good image what this thing looks like.

There is some sort of special speaker in this thing from NXT which is a UK tech company. I can’t see a speaker on top, or on the bottom, so I am going to assume it is the gap that makes a ring around the devices top half.

Techvision W104 water proof LCD TV for your bath or pool

Really you could stick it anywhere, but why buy a waterproof LCD unless you are going to put it somewhere you’d be worried about it getting wet? It has a Sharp 10.4” LCD built into it.

There is also a pair of speakers built in for stereo sound. There is even a waterproof remote control.

DVD Zabady is a splash proof portable DVD player

You can’t quite take it in the pool with you, but leaving it setting on the edge you should be fine. There is obviously a LCD screen on the device, it also plays DVDs.

The device will also read MP3s and MPEG4s off of discs. On top of that there is a SD card slot that will play the same formats from it.

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