Diesel DZ9044 pushes time to the edges

We're used to Tokyoflash watches being troublesome to decipher, but this Diesel DZ9044 may end up hurting your wrist, not your brain.  Rather than put the dial on the front, Diesel have slipped four tiny watch-faces onto the left and right sides of the timepiece, meaning you may have to get used to bending your wrist every time you want to know if it's almost lunchtime.

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Arduino wristwatch plays Pong

One of the reasons the Arduino is so successful is because of its flexibility - there's plenty of very complex ways you can implement the microprocessor board into a project - but that doesn't mean it can't do simple tasks just as well.  Psycholinguist Franklin Chang used his Arduino to make a fetchingly homespun wristwatch.

Video overview of the Arduino watch after the cut

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Garmin FR60 Fitness Watch with ANT+ wireless sync

Garmin have announced their latest GPS-enabled exercise trainer, the FR60 Fitness Watch.  Thanks to the ANT+ wireless fitness equipment standard, the FR60 can track time, calories burned, heart rate and other data from linked fitness equipment, then - with the supplied ANT+ USB stick - wirelessly transfer that information to your PC when it comes into range.

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