Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs gameplay details spilled

This week we've had the opportunity to have a peek at some Watch Dogs gameplay action never before seen by the public, courtesy of Ubisoft and NVIDIA, the latter group holding a gaming event this week in Montreal. As this work has not been finalized, we've not been allowed to film it - but we can talk about it. Here you'll find the likes of an incredibly immersive gameplay system, the likes of which certainly appear to live up to the expectations set by Ubisoft laid down in the months leading up to this point in time.

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Watch Dogs game true-to-life hacking developed with real security pros

The development team at Ubisoft have been working on the game Watch Dogs for an unusually long time. This hacker-themed game has been in development for 4.5 years, long enough for the original concept to have gotten so close to real life that its developers have been able to easily consult with a team of real-world security experts at Kaspersky Lab, bringing the game to a place where, at release, it wont be impossible to imagine its action as a real-world situation.

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