Vuzix secures Nokia technology license for see-through optics technology

It appears that the folks at Vuzix have come one step closer to creating a perfect pair of displays in eyeglasses as they today collaborate with Nokia to enter into a technology license agreement to both develop and create see-through waveguide optics for near-eye display systems. This agreement is for head mounted displays as well as video eyewear, all of this based on Nokia's see-through EPE (Exit Pupil Expanding) optics technology. Will this bring your glasses into the display-toting future for a much easier way to tap into the science fiction of tomorrow? Let's see!

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Vuzix STAR 1200 augmented reality headset hands-on [Video]

Vuzix has demonstrated its latest augmented reality (AR) glasses for the first time, the Vuzix STAR 1200 (See-Through Augmented Reality), intended to drive development of personal head-up displays. Shown to SlashGear at ShowStoppers during IFA 2011 today, the STAR headset is a development of the WRAP 920AR we tested all the way back at CES 2010; however, the STAR system uses a pair of transparent 852 x 480 displays that allow you to see the real world with computer graphics overlaid on top.

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Vuzix Wrap 1200 and 1200VR offer wearable displays with sunglasses style

Vuzix continues to plug away at video eyewear, with its latest set, the Vuzix Wrap 1200, promising the equivalent of a 75-inch display viewed from 10 feet away. Each 16:9 eyepiece runs at 852 x 480 resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate, and supports 16-bit color as well as 2D and 3D playback. Meanwhile, a second version - the Wrap 1200VR - boosts connectivity and makes the headset ideal for virtual reality applications.

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DIY wearable computer uses Beagleboard & wireless keyboard

Perhaps it makes us unbearably geeky, but we do have more than a soft spot for wearable computers.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for what little sartorial dignity we have left these days) manufacturers are proving more reluctant to put out suitable products, and that leaves the niche clear for DIYers.  Martin Magnusson pointed us in the direction of his own project, taking a Myvu Crystal eyepiece and hooking it up to a Beagleboard fanless computer and four AA batteries.

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Vuzix WRAP 920AR eyewear hands-on

Do you know what's difficult to demonstrate on video?  Vuzix's WRAP 920AR augmented-reality video headset, that's what - after all, while to the outside observer  you could be merely enjoying some hands-free media playback from your PMP, in actual fact the eyewear is blending together a real-world view with computer-generated imagery on a virtual 67-inch display.  We caught up with Vuzix to try the 920AR headset out, and collared Michael Kwan to pose for some photos and a brief video.

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Gumstix-based wearable Linux computer packs WiFi, digital compass

Tempt you with a difficult-to-pronounce acronym, sir?  No?  Well how about a wireless head-mounted embedded Linux wearable computer?  The work of Pascal Brisset, the WXHMD takes a pair of Vuzix VR920 video eyewear and straps to them a Gumstix Overo Fire computer-on-module stick, making for - with some wireless networking, a battery and a few other gizmos - a self-contained heads-up display ideal for telepresence work and augmented reality guidance.

Vuzix ships widescreen iWear AV310

Vuzix has today announced an immediate shipping of its Vuzix iWear, AV310, a personal video eyewear that’s virtually wielding a giant 52-inch large screen display over your head, from any video sources on-the-go. The new AV310 claims World’s first virtual reality eyewear with widescreen aspect ratio, and is a better-equipped unit compares to the AC230 XL we reviewed last month.

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