HTC Shift CDMA EV-DO UMPC review

HTC have made a name for themselves with capable, business-friendly smartphones, and when back in March 2007 they first suggested they were turning their hand to the UMPC market there was no shortage of interest. Boasting full Windows Vista support, as well as a cut-down quick-start SnapVue interface for basic tasks, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and multiple wireless options, the HTC Shift was hailed by some as likely to be the first decent UMPC. The subsequent journey from announcement to actual launch - a point first estimated for Q3 2007 - has been punctuated by delays, wavering interest and more than a little criticism of how competitive its specs are in light of the latest competition; HTC sent over the new CDMA version of the Shift, complete with Sprint EV-DO support, for SlashGear to see whether time has been kind to the UMPC.

Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 finally officially released

It has 23 security updates, 550 hotfixes, and is packed into a 434.5MB package or 726.5MB for the 64-bit version. That’s a fat service pack if I do say so myself.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M57/M57P Eco ultra small PC – received lots of environmental awards

Lenovo ThinkCentre M57/M57P Eco ultra small PC – received lots of environmental awards

So far it has received GREENGUARD certification, an EPEAT Gold rating, and an Energy Star 4.0 rating. It is made, at least partly, from recycled materials and received the first GREENGUARD certification of any desktop only after undergoing stringent testing for up to 2000 different chemical emissions.

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Microsoft trying to satiate the “Save XP” campaign

In case you didn’t know, there is a movement on the internet, an effort to save Windows XP from extinction. Its being run by Infoworld and so far has over 75k people signed up.

Envision G2219w1 and G917w1 LCDs pushed out the door

Both of these displays were made for Windows Vista and adding 19 or 22-inches of real estate to your desktop should look real nice. In fact, they are Windows Vista Premium certified, and they both are HDCP compliant as well.

The 22-inch model has a resolution of 1680x1050 and a contrast ratio of 3000:1, making this my favorite of the two. The 19-inch model has a res of 1440x900 with a contrast ration of 1000:1.

Microsoft has some new wireless laser mice

They are the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and 7000. There really isn’t much new here, they have some custom buttons for Windows Vista and one of them is meant for on the go use, the other for stationary desktop use.

Eazo X70 is a high end gaming PC with a sense of style

I am not going to bag on Alienware too much, but I have seen some of their desktop computers, and they aren’t too terribly attractive, in fact, the only desktop I’ve ever seen in person that looked good was the Blackbird 02, but much like both of those computers, this desktop from China has the performance, and the style. Sure it costs nearly 50 grand, but it has a side door that opens more eloquently than a Lamborghini.

Dell seeing RED thanks to Bono, Gates, and Dell

Dell has added the XPS m1330, XPS One, XPS M1530, and the 948 All-In-One printer to the (PRODUCT) Red line of products. The goal of this initiative is to allow consumers to donate to a worthy charity while still getting a nice, useful, and brilliantly colored gadget in return.

New Fujitsu P1620 could give Air a run for its money

It weighs less than the 3 pounds of the Air, and just got a Core 2 Duo processor upgrade. It still only runs a 1.2GHz, but its also noticeable smaller for those who said thinner and lighter wasn’t enough on the part of the Air.

It can be configured with up to 2GB of RAM. Even better yet are the HDD options of the Fujitsu with your choice of the standard 80GB drive or a 100GB drive (the same 4200RPM speed as the Air, but 20GB more) or a 32GB SSD which only adds $300 to the price compared to the $1000 the 64GB SSD option adds to the Air.

Apple Time Capsule NAS storage

This think got its name partly from its intended use, you see currently you have to have a wired, direct-connected hard drive in order to use Time Machine, but with this thing, you can backup wirelessly, or over a network, if you wanted to, and you can backup directly to this drive instead of some other external drive. If this thing works with PC’s as well as Macs, and if it works as just plain old NAS as well as backup storage, than this will by far be my favorite release that was announced today. It’s also the only announcement where the product isn’t available now, in fact, it won’t be available until February.

Amtek iTablet T221 UMPC isn’t a UMPC at all

Someone called this thing a UMPC, but with a Core Duo processor and a 12.1-inch screen, it’s far from it. The screen has an XGA resolution, an active digitizer, and a resistive touchscreen.

Genius Traveler 350 trackball mouse for those on the go

I don’t know about the rest of you normal mouse using folk, but if it weren’t for my Logitech TrackMan Wheel mouse featuring a shiny red trackball, there is no way I could get my job done as quick as I do. I mean, do you know how hard it is to get my mouse from one corner of my screen to the other in a timely manner? Just kidding, but I seriously couldn’t survive without it, however whenever I have to travel with my laptop, I have two choices, deal with the touch pad, or try and cram my TrackMan in somewhere and hope I don’t lose the trackball.

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