Samsung MediaLive HDTV Media Center Extender announced

Yet another home media option from Samsung, this time aiming to connect your shiny new LCD or plasma TV up to your media center PC.  The Samsung MediaLive is an extender that brings the Vista Media Center to your HDTV screen; that means you can watch recorded or downloaded media, pause live TV and also watch live high-definition programming via a CableCARD tuner.

SanDisk blames ‘Vista shortfalls’ for delays in MLC SSDs

SanDisk has criticised Microsoft's Windows Vista OS as not being "optimized" to take advantage of the speed benefits of solid-state drives.  Speaking during the company's Q2 financial results conference call, SanDisk Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eli Harari described what he called the "Vista shortfalls" and how developing their SSD drives had been a special challenge.  In fact, Harari blamed Vista for putting SanDisk behind its competitors in the sector.

Eee 1000H unboxed & Vista Ultimate installed: performance surprisingly good

We already know how much it'll cost (read: plenty) and that its smaller 901 sibling holds up well performance-wise, but so far in-the-wild footage of ASUS' Eee PC 1000H have been pretty rare.  Having gone on sale in Taiwan last Wednesday, TweakTown managed to find someone with stock and have shot an unboxing video together with a whole lot of first-impressions.  True to their name, they've also had the chance to do some OS tweaking.

Check out the unboxing and a switch from XP to Vista after the cut

HP 2133 Mini-Note XP versions announced, but with a catch

As expected, HP have today released their new wave of 2133 Mini-Note ultraportables running Windows XP rather than Vista or SUSE Linux. However, while the leaked pricing may have been correct, what the tips didn't tell us was that HP would be pushing the Vista-downgrade route to XP rather than supplying XP alone. Microsoft allow users of certain versions of Vista to "downgrade", free, their OS to XP. In fact, the option to do so was already available on the 2133 KX870AT, which runs Vista Business.

Willcom D4 UMPC import on sale in US

Willcom's D4 UMPC might be rocking the smartphone look but its guts are pure PC.  Running Vista on a 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor with 1GB of RAM, a 40GB hard-drive and 5-inch touchscreen, plenty of people were interested in the QWERTY-blessed device but Willcom are showing little interest in releasing it outside of Japan.  In situations like these, if you've the money, imports are your only option, and GeekStuff4U have just thrown up a pre-order page for the D4 which suggests they could be in the US by June 20th.

HP MediaSmart SL4282N, SL4782N Media Center Extender TV’s up for sale now

HP has apparently been working on these televisions for quite some time now and they have finally arrived. The TV’s connect to your home network and then subsequently to whatever XP MCE PC, Vista Home Premium, or Vista Ultimate PC that you have them setup to connect to and from their can stream music, pictures, and even video directly to the TV.

eMachines catches budget computing bug – coughs up T5254 and T3646 desktops

These two new machines from Acer’s subsidiary Gateway’s subsidiary eMachines are squarely aimed at users that will never use the max capacity of a quad-core processor with 13GB of RAM and 657GB of HDD storage in RAID 0 using SAS or some other junk like that. They are prices at $299.99 and $399.99 just to give you a hint, but neither of them is systems to scoff at.

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC coming with a new Windows XP option

The 2133 is still being hyped up and I am sure that a lot of future owners of the machine will be happy to know that your two options aren’t the unfamiliar Linux and the likely slow-booting Vista; you’ll now be able to get Windows XP installed. The reason is quite obvious; XP is loads faster on systems with such limited resources.

Psystar Back Up! Mac clone now called Open Computer instead of OpenMac

A simple name change has Psystar back on their feet selling their cheap desktop computers that are configurable with OS X on them. They’ve also added a new computer to their lineup, the OpenPRO which is available with a lot better case, comes standard with an 8000 series GeForce card and a 10k RPM HDD as well as a couple gigs of RAM.

Willcom D4 WSO16H from Sharp and Willcom – the little UMPC that could!

Sure, this little UMPC can fit in the palm of your hand and is only marginally larger than a lot of the larger smartphones being released these days, but this is no smartphone, this is a full on computer. It has an Intel Atom processor inside, a 40GB HDD, a 5” touchscreen, and so much more.

NVIDIA working on under $45 integrated chipset capable of 36 GFLOPS

NVIDIA is fighting with everyone in the business, first it was their long time feud with competitor ATI, and then AMD bought them and inherited that beef, now NVIDIA is fighting with Intel claiming they can easily out-perform Intel’s Celeron-based 945 IGP/ICH4 setup. They are also claiming that their system will be the most affordable Vista Premium Certified system available at under $45.

Sony BDU-X10S internal BD-ROM drive for your PC – not too pricey

This may be the cheapest way to get your Blu-Ray on. It comes with the necessary player software and should work with XP SP2 but definitely works with Vista. The drive plays Blu-Ray discs, VCD’s, and DVDs.

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