Vine users skyrocket, now exceed 40 million

Vine has grown quickly since Twitter snapped it up, with any user of the microblogging site likely coming across one of the six-second videos on a regular basis. That rate of growth has been perhaps more rapid than realized, with Vine announcing today that it has reached - and exceeded - 40 million users, a drastic jump over just a couple of months.

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Vine for Android sees initial launch hiccup

This morning the Twitter-friendly 6-second-clip app known as Vine was launched for Android, but not without its own tiny share of summoning sickness. When pushed, this app first saw the inability to be installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets, this causing a miniature outcry on Twitter from those without iOS devices who'd been waiting for weeks to see this app come to Android.

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Vine upgraded with mentions and front-facing camera support

An update for Vine is rolling out today that brings a few new features to the social app as well as various bug fixes. One of the major updates included is the added support for front-facing cameras. By pressing the button located on the bottom left corner of your phone, you can switch over to your front-facing camera and send 6 second messages that way. We're expecting many users to abuse this new feature with selfies and whatnot.

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Vine for Android set to capitalize on iPhone envy

The Twitter-owned image looping experience known as Vine has let it be known that they'll be moving beyond the limits of the iPhone and will be coming to Android soon. Though the idea that this app experience would only be available on one operating system may seem outdated, analysts have likened it to keeping a line outside a nightclub - if you feel it's important enough to wait for, you'll use it.

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