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Contour+ Helmet Cam Records Your Jackass Stunts In 1080p HD

If you are the adventurous type, often jumping off bridges or out of airplanes, and want to capture these life-risking moments in crisp HD, then you need to attach one of these Contour+ hands-free video cameras to your helmet---and I hope you're wearing one. Well, even if you don't do those things, you can still make use of the Contour+ for capturing a beautiful bike ride through the park whilst keeping both hands on the handle bars.

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Mother’s Day Tech Gift Roundup

Ok, so Mother's Day is just two days away. What to get? There are a lot of great techie gifts out there, and we've got them all rounded up right here for you. We've got eReaders, tablets, an unusual video camera, and an amazing phone for an amazing price. Plus, great ways for Mom to get organized and get rid of clutter, and digital storage to keep all those pictures in one place. And, a free way to keep the kids entertained so that Mom can relax. Read on to see it all.

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Medigus unveils world’s smallest video camera

I spent many years working in hospitals and the cameras that are used for all sorts of procedures can be large enough that they just don’t look like the will fit inside a person's body. These cameras are used so doctors can look inside the body and try to repair anything that is wrong. A company called Medigus has unveiled a new camera that is much smaller than the older cameras in use and has laid claim to the title of world's smallest camera.

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ThinkGeek unveils new Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera

Just like any tool, this camera can be used for good or evil. ThinkGeek has all sorts of cameras and other gadgets that can be used for spying on your fellow geeks and doing things that could get you arrested or beaten up if you get caught. The latest camera product from the geeky purveyor of goodies is the new Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera. It's cool and has an infrared photography mode that allows you to take photos in total darkens.

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Garmin Unleashes Dash Cam Recorder For Nuvi 2575

GPS units have been hit hard these couple of years since pretty much all smartphones are capable of giving you driving directions and turn-by-turn directions with apps. Garmin’s nuvi 2575R has a twist to it that could give GPS devices a leg up. The new unit has an optional camera you can attach to it to record your driving.

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Mattel’s Hot Wheels Video Racer Lets You See the Race from Inside the Car

Hot Wheels have been around for a long, long time, but it's one toy that hasn't managed to get upgraded all that much over the years. But, for kids who want to still race their favorite cars on ridiculous tracks, it's about time that Mattel adds a little extra to the small vehicles. That's where the Video Racer comes in. Designed so that kids (and adults) can experience what it's like going through that huge loop, or series of loops, right from the inside of the car.

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