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GoPro and NHL team up to give fans a new perspective of the game

GoPro cameras have been giving people the ability to record themselves playing all sorts of sports and the ability to share what they love with people from a first person perspective for a long time. The little cameras are used in some forms of auto racing as well. GoPro has announced a new tie up with the NHL that will give fans an inside look at what the players see on the ice.

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Sharp’s new infrared color camera is first of its kind

Sharp's clinically-named LZ0P420A Infrared Color Night-Vision Camera looks like most of the other slim connected security cameras on the market: it is cylindrical and hinged with a lens surrounded by infrared LEDs. The big difference comes in its functionality -- this is the first camera of its kind able to record color footage is completely dark settings, boosting the quality available to businesses and others in need of a security setup.

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Police camera drone spied on all of Compton, CA in 2012

A civilian drone aircraft with high-resolution video capability was reportedly used by the police to conduct surveillance on the entire city of Compton, California at the same time. Compton is a small municipality that spans 10-square miles and during 2012, a drone with a high-resolution video camera was tested over the city without the knowledge of the citizens living there.

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GoPro Hero4 4K video recording hinted by SoC maker

GoPro will soon be revealing its next compact video camera, the GoPro Hero4, and has already been the subject of leaks and rumors. This latest round contains quite a few pieces of information coming from system-on-chip manufacturer Ambarella, the very same one that provides the chips for GoPro's other cameras.

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GoPro Hero3+ and Hero3 get new housings, mounts, and software

GoPro makes some of the most popular and compact video cameras on the planet and there are mounts available that allows the cameras to be secured to a person, car, and just about any other surface. GoPro has announced some new accessories, mounts, and software for its new Hero3+ and Hero3 cameras. Among the new mounts are the Blackout Housing for $49.99 that has a non-reflective back matte finish and LCD concealment stickers for recording in stealth mode.

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