NVIDIA and VIA end netbook plans

It seems like earlier plans for NVIDIA and VIA to team up on a netbook project have since fallen by the wayside, though the two companies will continue to work on desktop technologies.

NVIDIA and VIA signed a deal in April, that tied the two corporations to developing a netbook platform that would combine NVIDIA GeForce 9400M chipsets with the VIA C7 and Nano CPUs. This would have made for a very speedy netbook and even mobile Internet devices.

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Apricot Picobook Pro reviewed: Niche features don’t rescue dull netbook

The Apricot Picobook Pro - one of the few netbooks to use VIA's 1.2GHz C7-M processor - has been put through its paces by the Register Hardware team, and while this isn't the killer budget ultraportable the company might have hoped it was, it has its fair share of notable features.  Aside from the CPU, the Picobook Pro also stands out from the netbook crowd by having WiFi 'a' support, as well as an ExpressCard slot.

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HP Mini 1000 netbook confirmed

The sequel to HP's Mini-Note 2133 netbook has shown up on the company's online store.  Called the HP Mini 1000, the netbook measures less than 1-inch thick and weighs from 2.25lbs; it also has a new, black casing and appears to be intended as a more entry-level machine than the 2133.  The new price certainly bears that out: the HP Mini 1000 netbook costs from just $399.

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SlashGear Week in Review – Week 33 2008

More laptops, netbooks and mobile workstations than you could shake the proverbial stick at this week, with fresh offerings (and more than a few rumors) from many of the big companies.  HP took the wraps off of three mobile workstations, complete with an amazing 17-inch DreamColor option, while Dell and Lenovo both had a version of their own.  Dell went for pure specs, with a maximum 16GB of RAM in their Precision, while Lenovo took a more offbeat view and added a digitizer panel in their W700's palmrest.

A little more compact, Dell launched their fourth generation Latitude E-series models, and SlashGear was in San Francisco to bring you live images.  Dell's attempt for the headlines included 19hr battery life (on one particular model) and Instant On functionality.  All well and good, but Gateway perhaps just eases ahead in the bargain stakes with their new P-7811FX Centrino 2 gaming notebook.

HP ordering VIA Nano chipsets rumor

HP have placed an order with VIA for their latest ultramobile chipset, the Nano, according to industry sources.  VIA, while declining to name specific buyers, has confirmed that they have received orders from "a certain first-tier notebook vendor" with intent to release a product using the Nano CPU by October 2008.  However it's uncertain whether HP intend to use the Nano in their existing Mini-Note netbook range or in a more mainstream device.

VIA EPIA N700: lowest-profile Nano-ITX board yet

VIA have taken the wraps off of another Nano-ITX board, the EPIA N700, the first with the company's VX800 unified all-in-one media system processor.  With a choice of 1.5GHz VIA C7 or 500MHz VIA Eden processors, what makes the N700 so compact is that video, graphics and connectivity are all handled by the VX800 chip.  Just 33 x 33m, it includes a VIA Chrome 9 graphics core and HD video processor.

VIA drop motherboard chipset arm to focus on CPUs

VIA have confirmed that they will be abandoning their chipset business, concentrating instead on their own x86 processors and integrated motherboards.  The move comes, according to Richard Brown, vice president of corporate marketing in Taiwan, as the end-point of a long term transition to processors, prompted by the company's realisation that Intel and AMD would both corner the market in own-name chipsets and third-party offerings from VIA would be edged out.

VIA’s Nano high-def claims questioned as Atom gets a video rebuttal

Earlier on today we posted about VIA's anti-Atom video in which the company demonstrated their OpenBook reference design going head to head with an ASUS Eee in a battle of 1080p playback.  VIA's stance was that their 1.3GHz processor was better at rendering the high-definition video than Intel's 1.6GHz chip, and sure enough the Eee juddered along while the OpenBook was smooth.  Now, though, jkkmobile have thrown a spanner into the VIA works, with their own video of an Atom-powered Eee playing the same video clip originally used but without any problems.

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VIA Pico-ITX EPIA P700 motherboard for low-profile installs

VIA have done a little extra shaving and come up with their latest Pico-ITX motherboard, the EPIA P700.  By replacing the traditional ports with in-line I/O header pins, there's been enough room for VIA to include an integrated power adaptor, while still keeping the whole thing down to just 10cm x 7.2cm.  Accessory boards add normal ports, or you can simply wire up whichever connections you need.

VIA OpenBook opened-up: connectivity flexibility video demo

Hopefully VIA know - and sanction- what their marketing team is up to, as Tim Brown could be in some trouble otherwise for taking apart the company's OpenBook reference budget ultraportable and filming the whole operation.  Tim's intention is to show off the flexibility of the design; rather than soldering all of the connectivity options to the mainboard, which is a common way to save space, the OpenBook uses two industry-standard PCI Express Mini card-slots.  That leaves it up to manufacturers adopting the design to chose which WWAN, WiFi, GPS or other options they plug in.

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