RedPost SignBeta – makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

RedPost released its first product not too long ago, the RedPost/Kit, which we got for review and loved. Now they are back on the scene with the same design, but with some upgrades.

Asus Eee Box coming soon – pictures to satiate for now

More specifically it’s a picture. We still know more or less diddly about the system specs. Also, we aren’t entirely sure this is a picture of the Eee Box, but judging from looks alone, it seems pretty accurate.

If it’s anything like the Eee notebooks it should be a pretty nice computer for an extremely low price. The only downside is that you’ll have to buy your own monitor, and possibly your own keyboard and mouse.

Android PC Case Mod – I think this whole thing may have gone a wee bit too far

So some guy (Read: Eric Burke) decided to build a case/computer in dedication to the Open Handset Alliances’ new development platform known as Android. The logo for the platform is some Clip Art quality green robot and this PC essentially looks like the head of said robot.

Spectrum ZX Laptop – blast from the past

I am no computer historian but when the two computers that made up this beast are referred to as old and older, its pretty obvious this stuff is old. So some guy took a Spectrum ZX and a Toshiba Libretto 110 and smacked the two together.

Wal-Mart no longer selling Linux-based computers in stores

They came, they saw, they failed. Linux PC’s just didn’t sell enough units in stores to warrant restocking them in stores. That means that as soon as your local stores run out of stock of their Everex computers, you won’t be seeing them again.

Sungjut TangoX Nano UMPC with phone and tablet built in

We did a story not to long ago about VIA’s NanoBook which looked unmistakable from this notebook. Except VIA’s model didn’t have a phone built in, it was more of a clock/alarm/thermometer type of thing, other than that and the name just above the keyboard, I can’t tell the difference.

VIA Isaiah, 64-bit CPU with low power consumption

VIA Isaiah, 64-bit CPU with low power consumption

VIA is releasing its new x86 processor called Isaiah. The chip is deemed to perform twice as fast as VIA’s current processor while maintaining the same amount of power consumption.

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Maxdata Belinea 1 latest to use VIA’s UMPC design

Seemingly another mini-laptop based on VIA's NanoBook reference design - and in that way joining the Everex Cloudbook and Packard Bell EasyNote XS - Maxdata's Belinea 1 differs from its low-cost cousins by having an enhanced specification, together with the enlarged price - in Germany - to match.


CES 2008: NoahPad UMPC is freakin awesome!

The NoahPad UMPC was something I reported on before I even got to CES, but they company that makes it had it here and they gave a little demo. The keyboard is at best weird, it acts as both the keyboard and the mouse and switches between the two via a toggle switch.

CES 2008: WiBraid B1 UMPC

The WiBrain is a full function ultra mobile pc weighing in at about 1.15-pounds. There’s a 4.8-inch WSVGA touch screen display between a split keyboards. There’s a neat pop-up video camera on top of the unit.

ALEUTIA low power computers for touch places

Can your PC get more green that the 8 watts that this PC uses? Or what about the solar panel that provides pretty much all the power this PC needs?

Motherboard from $200 Everex Wal-Mart PC

Its on sale, in a dev kit, sort of, it comes with the motherboard, as you see it in the picture, and a copy of the gOS Linux distribution that was meant to be run on the motherboard. The best part, it’s a mere $60.

That $60 gets you a motherboard with a 1.5GHz VIA C7 CPU, and it’s a mini-ITX motherboard, which means you can stuff it in any number of places or items. The RAM and the hard drive storage are up to you, but I would recommend a large CF card for storage.

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