Samsung’s new USB cable lets you charge three devices at once

Charging more than one gadget at a time can involve jumping through a few hoops -- either you don't have enough cables for them all, or you're short a USB port or outlet. This results in charging some devices partially, swapping in different ones, and never having quite enough battery life when you need it. Samsung is targeting that issue with its newly unveiled three-in-one USB cable.

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Elgato Game Capture HD60 vs HD Review

Earlier this month, Elgato released the Game Capture HD60, a device made to record video output from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Elgato has the consumer-level game capture market cornered here in 2014 with not just one, but two devices with essentially the same name: Game Capture HD and Game Capture HD60. Today we’re seeing how well the HD60 works while we compare it in a basic way to the original HD.

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swivelCard paper USB connects to your special web page

Ever wondered whether the business cards you hand out end up in people's collection or in the trash bin? Or have you ever wished your business cards were more dynamic, without having to employ expensive gimmicks? Do you want a business card that, even if it does get thrown away, isn't a nuisance to the environment? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you might just be the supporter that swivelCard is looking for.

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Raspberry Pi Model B+ has more slots, less power demand

The Raspberry Pi Model B is getting another facelift and no, this isn't a Raspberry Pi 2, and all that is implied by that major name change. Instead, the B+, as the name would suggest, is a very incremental improvement over the existing Model B, giving makers and hackers more connectivity options but retaining the same core and keeping compatiblity with the existing software and peripherals.

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Star Wars hits the mobile battery market with mimo PowerBot

From the same folks that’ve brought your Star Wars USB stick Mimobots and Star Wars microUSB converters comes a new collection of mobile power chargers. These little beasts work with 5200mAh of power, meaning your iPhone - or similarly sized device - will be able to roll with three extra lifelines of power before you have to charge R2-D2 back up. You’ll also have fast-charge action with 2.1AMP right out the gate.

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araHub aims to be go-to Mac USB hub

A new USB hub by the name araHub has been introduced to the public. This USB hub wishes to be "the worlds best, most beautiful USB 3 hub," aiming to do so with a look that replicates that of the Apple suite of notebooks and desktop computers.

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