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Motorola launch WiMAX WiFi base station & USB dongle

Motorola launch WiMAX WiFi base station & USB dongle

Motorola has announced two new WiMAX products, a desktop base-station which shares WiMAX over WiFi and supports VoIP - the Motorola CPEi 725 - and a USB dongle, the USBw 200.  The two products - which will go on sale via WiMAX carriers, rather than directly to consumers - enable both deskbound and mobile workers to take advantage of the next-gen high speed networks slowly spreading across the US.

The CPEi 725 is perhaps the most interesting of the two new products, and has twin WiMAX antennas to support the 2.5GHz band.  As well as WiFi it has an analog voice adapter port for plugging in a handset and using the WiMAX connection for VoIP calls.  As for the WiFi side of the equation, there are MIMO antennas for improved coverage.

Alternatively, the Motorola USBw 200 is a USB dongle intended for a single user.  It will be available in 2.3, 2.5 and 3.5GHz versions, and has a "power boost" system for better connectivity with reduced draw; in fact, it requires just 1.5W, which means the notebook you're using it with should last even longer.

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