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OCZ boasts Thumb Drive speed with eSATA Interface

USB thumb drive is convenient. The interface is standard with most computers made in the last decade and almost guarantee to work in any platforms. The only downturn is its speed remains an area for improvement. OCZ engineer looks to break the tradition, their new line of ultra fast thumb drive has an eSATA interface instead of a conventional USB ones. The result is sensational; the new integration boasts an astonishing transfer speeds of 90MB/s in reading and 30MB/s in writing.

The OCZ Throttle eSATA drive family ranges from 8GB, 16GB to 32GB capacities. Like the USB with plug-and-play capability, the Throttle allows instantaneously data access from any computer without the need to install any additional hardware or drivers. Product availability and pricing have not yet announced.

SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise gains OSX support

A higher cost external drive or USB-based flash storage usually comes equipped with a encryption to protect its data against theft or loss of the drive. Unfortunately most of them only work conjunction in Windows platform; but not anymore, Sandisk has announced the Industry first Secure USB drive to fully support OS X system.

Offers from SuperTalent you can’t refuse

You can get thumb drives for dirt-cheap these days. Last time I purchased a pair of desktop memory, the manufacturer threw in a 2GB flash drive for free. Yeah, they are commodity items like the double A battery at the grocery checkout counter. But what you got are two-bit vanilla production; SuperTalent will soon market a Godfather imprinted USB drives for the gang of Don Corleones.

IEEE 1667 format makes for cross-platform USB drive security

There have been a lot of problems caused by people bringing in storage devices from home to their workplace. While most people who do this bring in clean drives, others might bring in those with viruses or those that are improperly formatted. Things like this can cause problems on the network and pose a security risk. But with the new IEEE 1667 format standard, things should be getting better.

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Kangaru e-Flash dual eSATA & USB 2.0 32GB flash drive

Kangaru Solutions have announced what they're claiming is the first ever eSATA flash drive.  The double-ended e-Flash drive has a USB 2.0 connector on one side and an eSATA connector on the other, offering users either the paltry 480MB/s of dull old USB or the blistering 3Gb/s of everyone's favorite external SATA interface.  Of course, those are just theoretical speeds: when you dig into the spec sheet you see the e-Flash is slightly less impressive than the headlines might suggest.

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HP USB Floppy Drive Key

It's not often that a product makes us go "but why?" then "oh I see" and then "but why?" in such rapid succession, but the HP USB Floppy Drive Key has managed it.  At first glance a standard USB memory stick, and available in both 1GB and 256MB capacities, the Key shows up as both a memory stick and as a USB floppy drive on whatever PC you plug it into.

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Super Talent Luxio USB drives available this week

For those looking for a bit more USB storage than the standard drive offers, Super Talent Technology has announced their new Luxio line of USB drives that can provide you with a maximum of 64GB of extra space.

The Luxio drives are pretty stylish on top of their large capacity for a small package benefits. Measuring in at .8-inch by 3-inches by .4-inch, the Luxio drives are encased in UV-coated ABS/PC and feature zinc trim that's chrome-plated. You also have several color options including wood grain, black and silver.

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