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USB 3.0: A look at the new connectors, speed boost

USB 3.0: A look at the new connectors, speed boost

Last week we talked about how a demo of USB 3.0 would be coming very soon. Well, it looks like that time has arrived and the first photos of the new connectors have hit the web.

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Nerivian CardReader Pro for PowerMac and MacPro desktops

Nerivian CardReader Pro for PowerMac and MacPro desktops

Nervian has announced a new CardReader specifically made for PowerMac G5/ Mac Pro desktops. The new card readers fit under the front handle of your tower and have a style to match your tower.

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OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual-Drive gets powered USB hub

OWC have updated their Mercury Elite-AL Pro dual-drive external hard-drive with a powered USB 2.0 hub, still keeping the Mac-style design while boosting capacity up to 2TB.  There are now two USB 2.0 ports on the back and a third on the front, handy for plugging in USB memory sticks, with a high-performance USB bridge to ensure maximum speed to all of the ports and the internal drives themselves.


Solid Alliance’s latest USB Drive

The Solid Alliance has yet again provided me with a good laugh on this Friday morning. Which is good because my caffeine won't seem to kick in enough to wake me up. They have yet another ridiculously designed USB drive.

Fabrik [re]drive claims most eco-cred for USB hard-drives

External hard-drive manufacturer Fabrik have announced what they're calling "the world’s most energy-efficient, resource-conscious, Turbo USB 2.0 external storage and backup drive", the SimpleTech [re]drive.  Basically a 500GB USB 2.0 hard-drive, Fabrik have used bamboo and recycled aluminum for the enclosure and coupled it with an EnergyStar compliant power adaptor.

Sato USB Drive from the Solid Alliance

Apparently it's flash drive Friday, because I've managed to write up two in a row thus far. We'll see if I can toss in one more this afternoon. This one comes straight from the infamous Solid Alliance.

Star Wars Mimobot Series 3

My thoughts on the Star Wars Mimobots is always a little shaky. Thus far there are very very few that I would actually consider forking out the cash for. However, I'm actually really liking series three.

Brando’s food inspired USB drives

If you prefer your gadgets looking extremely edible, these cute little guys from USB Brando would be great. They have everything from your health foods to the slightly more high calorie treats.

The floral SanDisk Cruzer Patter USB Drive

Not everyone has 15 different flash drives just lying on their desk at any given moment. Just waiting to be swooped up and actually used for something. In some parts of the world, people only have a couple or even less.

Super Talent PICO-C: 8GB of tiny, gold-plated USB storage

Super Talent have obviously decided that enough people want to wear their portable storage as a fashion accessory to gold plate their 8GB USB memory key.  The PICO-C Gold is a 24-carat gold plated, water resistant USB drive weighing less than a nickel (that's around 4.7g).  For that "just stepped out of the 80s" look, the company even includes a gold chain for you to suspend the PICO-C from.

HACKED! USB Drive from FRED Studios

Most of the time USB drives aren't all that interesting, but this one is at least, if nothing else, entertaining. It is also highly unlikely that anyone would thieve it from you either.

Heart USB Drive from the Solid Alliance

It has been a while since I've managed to dig up a story involving the Solid Alliance, I was worrying that my favorite seller of overly shiny USB devices had given up.  Without the Solid Alliance, who would I have to bash on over and over?!

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