O2 XDA Denim 3.5G smartphone shows up at FCC

Now this is more like it - if you want decent leaked cellphone photos, then the FCC are the people to go to.  Today's tidbit is the O2 XDA Denim (formerly known as the O2 Helen), but don't worry, it's neither fabric covered nor strategically ripped.  Instead, it's a WM6 smartphone with tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, single-band UMTS/HSDPA, WiFi in b and g flavours and Bluetooth 2.0.


Team from USC develops new holographic technology

True 3D holographic displays are something that one would have thought we would have by now. After all, the idea has been around in sci-fi for years, and it seems like it would be fairly simple to do. However, the creation of such a device that is practical for use has proven to be quite difficult to make.

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Pics of the new Slingbox courtesy of the FCC

You have to love the people out there that scour the FCC's site in hopes of finding that nugget of joy in the form of an unannounced product. The latest discovery shows us the forthcoming third-generation Slingbox.

What new wonders will the next generation of Slingboxes bestow upon us? Well, nothing revolutionary from what the pictures tell us. The device will have built-in component video inputs which will save you $50 on an accessory that would do the same. We also see either an analog cable tuner and/or an ATSC tuner as well.

DirectX 10 on a Mac?

Those of you out there that aren't planning on running Vista any time soon may have some good news on the way. Developer Cody Brocious is determined to bring DirectX 10 to you.

The 'Alky Project' is trying to turn the unified shader code which is the backbone of DX10 and change it to raw machine language. What exactly does that mean? That means you don't need a fancy-pants Nvidia card or Windows Vista to enjoy the same great DX10 capabilities.

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Zepto makes first DirectX 10 laptop

There are many gamers that enjoy gaming on the go. Unfortunately, such a luxury always comes at a hefty price. Add in bleeding-edge technology like DirectX 10 support, and it will no doubt make your wallet hurt.

Could this be the Apple UMPC we’ve been waiting for?

The guys over at Textura Design got to spend some time with Mark Parker, Chief Evangelist from Intel's Mobility Group. He just happened to be showing off the new IUMPC 2008 that we showed you yesterday. It turns out, this platform may be exactly what Apple has been waiting for to get into the UMPC market.


MP3 player headphones from Halloa

Tired of carrying around your MP3 player and your headphones? Wouldn't it be easier if they just built the MP3 player into the headphones?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what are the highlights from last night’s game?

You know what really bugs me? Ordinary, everyday household objects that only serve one function. Like my bathroom mirror. I just sits there and looks at me. Surely it could make better use of its time, and mine.

Look for quad-core laptops in 2008

Is your crummy dual-core processor just not keeping up with your mobile computing needs? If you can hold out until next year, Intel is going to have just the thing to keep you going.

According to their roadmap they are going to be releasing their Penryn quad-core processor sometime in the first half of 2008. It's too early to to know just how much of a performance gain we'll see, but they are based off of the Santa Rosa which Intel has described as "Core 2 Duo on steroids."

A TV that sleeps with the fishes

When was the last time you were watching your nice TV in your living room, minding your own business when all of the sudden it falls into the fish tank? This seems to be an increasing problem around the world, and thankfully Bodlan Electronics has developed a TV that will still function properly even after spending some time with your fish.

Sony shows off tiny OLED monitors

It's really amazing how far display technology has come in the recent years. It seems like it wasn't that long ago that I was showing off my 19-inch flat CRT monitor because it was the coolest thing ever. Of course it barely fit on my desk, but it was flat, and that's cool. Now fast-forward to the Display 2007 show over in Tokyo where Sony is showing off some incredible new OLED displays.

Stream media from your Apple TV to your cell phone

So the Apple TV has been released, and for the most part had fairly positive reviews, especially from the hacker community. Now wouldn't it be cool to stream content from your Apple TV to your phone? As of now, we haven't heard anything from Apple on such a thing happening. But don't worry, the makers of the SlingBox have something in the works.

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