Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC – now with crunchy XOHM WiMAX Goodness!

This UMPC is fairly amazing on its own, what with the touchscreen, Windows Vista or XP Tablet Edition, Intel Core Solo ULV processor, WiFi, b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, and small compact size. Now you can add support for Sprint’s upcoming Xohm WiMAX network to that list of connectivity options/features.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 Officially Official – new shiny Vista-like goodness for everyone

Windows Mobile 6.1 has lots of new features, let’s start with the new version of Internet Explorer that comes with the bundle and offers up the ability to view full-sized web pages and even multimedia on the web pages. The browser has technologies from IE6 built in alongside support for H.264, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight.

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Grand Theft Auto IV coming to your Nintendo DS

According to this document that is supposedly from a game retailer the Rockstar Games’ upcoming All-Star is coming to a DS near you for some hardcore stylus action. I honestly have no idea what they are thinking bringing such a game to that handheld, but if Rockstar is at all involved in the port it should remain as epic as you remember the games.

Why Haven’t We Heard About Linux’s Growing Market Share?

Desktops starting with Dell have begun being sold with Linux pre-installed, almost all of the new UMPC Eee-like notebooks that are selling in extremely large numbers these days are coming with Linux pre-installed, Everex is pushing Linux desktops through Wal-Mart, and lots of new computers are getting SLED certified or some other form of Linux certification. Add to that the increased popularity of all things Linux, the increasing ease of use of Linux as a desktop operating system and it has me wondering why there hasn’t been a spike in Linux’s market share?

Linux couldn’t even beat out Windows 98 until sometime between August 20th and August 30th of last year according to W3Counter. According to that same site, since the 10th of May last year until the 29th of February this year Linux has only seen a .76% increase in its market share, which still only brings it up to a market share of 2.01%.

Toshiba 128GB SSD drives could be first step in lowering SSD prices

Toshiba has a new SSD drive that offers up 100MB/second read and 40MB/second write speeds and 128GB of storage capacity. The drive offers up nearly the speed of SLC, but with the storage capacity and technology of MLC.

2009 Jaguar XKR getting Bowers & Wilkins treatment – for once the engine might not be the best sounding part of the car

Bowers & Wilkins, known most recently for their amazing Zeppelin radio, are manufacturers of some truly amazing audio solutions. As such, it’s not much of a surprise that they were chosen to add their aural blessing to the upcoming 2009 Jaguar XKR.

Nokia developing S60 touch interface

We have video of Nokia’s upcoming touch-based S60 interface. Well, we don’t our generous and amazing friends over at MobileBurn hooked us up with video, but anyways, it no iPhone interface, but it’s nice.

HTC Shift finally landing, in Europe

European retailer Expansys is set to begin selling the UMPC/oversized smartphone on February 19th. There is also a rumor that someone who apparently saw Orange’s upcoming sales campaign says that Orange will be selling their own branded version of the device.

Acer to manufacture their version of the Eee

So according to some Chinese newspaper Acer is going to be making their own low cost 8 and 9 inch laptops later this year. They will be made to directly compete with the Eee, only in a more budget way (if that’s possible), because that’s how Acer rolls.

AMD Spider platform – maximizing your computing potential by creating a complete platform

So today, AMD released the worlds first comprehensive PC building platform, it involves a specific chipset, processor, and graphics solution, all three of which come from AMD. The platform has been given the codename of Spider.

The platform is based on the upcoming Quad-Core Phenom processors from AMD, as well as AMD’s 7 series chipset. Then to round out the set they included the new ATI Radeon 3800 series graphics cards.

New Alltel phones coming your way

Alltel is coming out with some new phones soon, there’s something from Palm, RIM, Motorola, and UTStarcom. If you just got Alltel coverage in your area but have been waiting for some better handsets or if you have been with them for a while and just want a new handset, it’s your lucky day.

First off is the Treo 755p, not really all that new of a device, but its good, and it clearly aimed at the business people. However the BlackBerry Pearl 2 or 8130 should open some eyes.

Freecom USB Card – A new form-factor for USB drives

Flash drives are awesome, there's no doubt about that. Carrying them around isn't always fun though. I've already lost the rubber cap for my Corsair flash drive (it was bound to happen). Wouldn't it be great if there was a different way to carry around your flash drive?

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