Viliv Computex plans revealed: new MID & netbook, WWAN-a-plenty

Viliv have announced their plans for Computex, and there are a few interesting MID and UMPC tidbits that should keep them ahead of the game in the ultramobile space.  As well as obviously demonstrating the latest versions of their existing set-to-ship range, Viliv have promised a 10-inch screen MID (possibly a netbook) and a 4.8-inch MID with keyboard, potentially as in the mockup shown here.

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Sony VAIO UX390 UMPC gets OS X 10.5.7 [Video]

Hackintosh netbooks are nothing new, these days, and so the more extreme OS X tweakers move on to more esoteric hardware.  We've already seen Sony's VAIO UX-series UMPC running Apple's OS, but Micro PC Talk user perrin21 has a particularly slick setup: a subtly modified Sony VAIO UX 390 running OS X 10.5.7 as though it just stepped off a Cupertino production line.

Video demo after the cut

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SmartQ 7 MID gets video unboxed, tested

The first SmartQ 7 MID has landed with its brave buyer, Steve over at UMPC Portal, and he's done the sensible thing (or at least the sensibly geeky thing) and shot over two hours of unboxing and video testing.  That may seem extreme, but at $189 for a 7-inch touchscreen internet browsing device with WiFi, USB host and more, many people are wondering if SmartQ have delivered on what Microsoft first promised with the UMPC platform.

Video unboxing after the cut

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Intel Medfield smartphones tipped for 2011

A recent Intel presentation has tipped the company's upcoming Medfield processor as destined for smartphones, rather than merely as the Atom replacement for netbooks and MIDs that the CPU has so far been assumed.  Intel expect "mainstream smartphones" using the 32nm Medfield in 2011, with the processor's smaller board size and reduced standby power both making it suitable for compact devices.

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Fujitsu U820 UMPC gets Windows 7 upgrade [Video]

The Windows 7 RC testing continues, and after we've seen how reasonably it runs on an Atom N270 netbook its time to turn to a slightly more niche gadget.  Fujitsu's U820 UMPC (aka the Loox U/B50N, aka the U2010) may be small enough to lose under a hamster, but it gets a new lease of life with Windows 7: Steve from UMPC Portal has been testing it out, and he's finding longer battery life, faster boot-up and improved touchscreen functionality versus Vista.

Demo video of Windows 7 on the U820 after the cut

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Eee PC Tablet mod: cheap UMPC

With the price of original ASUS Eee PC 7xx-series netbooks so low on eBay these days, it seems a great idea to revisit the concept of modding one into a small touchscreen UMPC.  That's just what EeeUser forum member Mark has done, turning his 701 into a handheld with 2GB of RAM and draft-n WiFi.

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