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Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro earphones revealed

Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro earphones revealed

The Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro earphones were released today and these things are for the serious audiophile, only. They offer a custom-fit, look super sleek and provide superior sound quality, at a price.

These in-canal earphones can be molded to fit your ears and only your ears. They feature dual armatures to keep all the audio ranges separated but have fewer functions than the UE 5 Pro earphones, slashing $200 from the price tag.

You can add on an ambient noise feature that actually allows you to hear the sounds around you in case you need to, you know, for your own safety. You can get the Ultimate Ears UE 4 Pro earphones starting today for $399.

Logitech buy Ultimate Ears in $34m cash deal

Logitech continue their path to own everything capable of forcing sound into your head, with the acquisition of Ultimate Ears, the well-respected earphone manufacturer.  The $34m cash sale will give Logitech an instant entrance pass into the high-end audio market, where Ultimate Ears has built a business catering to professional musicians and audiophiles.


The Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro earphones

When I splurged on nice headphones last year I went for Skullcandy, which to me was pushing my spending limits a bit. However, if you make more money sometimes you want top of the line equipment. Especially ones that the average Joe generally has issues snagging. These Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro earphones have all the features and the price to go with it.


Cherry Picks 2008: Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro

These amazing little earbuds manage to pack in three tiny speakers in each ear and a three way crossover, that’s stuff I don’t even have in my home audio. The frequency response is 10Hz to 17kHz.


Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4 Vi made specially for the iPhone

Its not like it would be hard to tell what they were made for as they have in-line media controls and a microphone built in. But its nice to see a pair of high end ear buds finally made for the iPhone that are offering up all the same features and the buds included with the iPhone.


Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro’s Aren’t Bionic Ear Upgrades, But Priced Comparatively

Yeah they have four drivers in each custom molded ear-bud, but come on, $1150? They appear to be energy efficient too only costing you/your connected device 1mW of power for 110dB’s of sound.

$1150!! I still can’t stop obsessing over the cost of these things! Yeah sure, you can’t even afford a physical system that included 4 subs, 2 mid ranges, and 2 tweeters for less than that, let alone being able to divide all that by two and then cram on half in each ear, but still.


Ultimate Ears again prove their worth – all $250

Judie loved them, Jenneth thought they were awesome… how do you think The Gadgeteer‘s Ryan felt about Ultimate Ears’ Super.Fi 5 Pro Headphones?  It’s fair to say that he – like most other people who encounter them – was initially stunned by the $249.99 price-tag they command.

Still, as we’ve seen time and time again, the incredible performance they manage is enough to sway even the most hardened cynic.  Any audiophile worth his beard should be using them, and if they’re not they deserve to be stoned with peach pits.


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