Flashback Trojan infection down, but more Mac malware on the way

The number of Macs infected by the Flashback, or Flashfake, Trojan has gone down since the initial estimate of 650,000, but more malware targeting Mac users are on their way, says security researchers at Kaspersky Labs, who recently identified other SabPub variants that can be used for targeted attacks of Mac users. It appears the myth that Macs are invincible to viruses has now officially been busted.

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New Mac Trojans discovered, exploits Word

The pristine image of Macs was shattered recently by the Flashback Trojan that had infected 650,000 machines and now researchers have discovered two other variants of the Trojan that could potentially infect even more Mac computers. One is a variant of the Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a, or simply SabPub, that also exploits a Java vulnerability, while the other attacks via Microsoft Word documents.

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Kaspersky offers Mac Flashback trojan removal tool

Apple computers have recently been hit by the Mac Flashback trojan, the first attack on Macs that does not require any social engineering or phishing schemes. Kaspersky confirmed that the Flashback, or what it calls the Flashfake, botnet has infected 670,000 computers worldwide and the security firm is now releasing a free detection and removal tool.

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Apple makes second attempt at Trojan Java block

Apple has released a second Java update as it attempts to block the Flashback trojan threatening Mac users. The second version, spotted by security firm Intego, is listed as "Java for OS X 2012-002" - its predecessor, pushed out earlier this week, was 2012-001 - and is only for OS X Lion 10.7 machines, rather than for Snow Leopard and Lion as before.

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Flashback trojan captures over half a million Macs

For a long time Macs were pretty much left alone when it came to viruses and Trojans. Thanks to the booming popularity of Mac computers, that isn't the case anymore with more and more attacks coming that are aimed directly at OS X users. One of the latest bits of nefarious software aimed at Mac users is the Flashback trojan.

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