TiVo Premiere

TiVo Slide QWERTY remote lands at FCC

When TiVo pulled the wraps off its cool sounding Premiere DVRs back in March it also talked a bit about a Bluetooth remote control. It was easy to forget about that remote in the aftermath of the Premiere launch and subsequent issues with software on the DVRs that offset a lot of the cool factor the devices offered.

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weaKnees TiVo Premiere gets up to 640hrs HD recording

Biggest headache with the new TiVo Premiere has probably been the sluggish HD UI, but coming up in second place is likely the mere 320GB hard-drive the company fit as standard.  That's good enough for up to 400hrs of SD content or 45hrs of HD, but if that's going to put a dampener on your home entertainment experience then head over to weaKnees.  The official TiVo retailer has come up with some custom models of their own, offering up to 317hrs of HD recording.

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TiVo Premiere: slow HD UI hides speed-freak hardware

Launch-day reviews of the TiVo Premiere invariably highlighted the DVR's frustratingly sluggish HD UI, but it turns out that - as long as the company get their software updates right - the box itself has plenty of speed potential.  Enthusiast K. Fowler (who goes by bkdtv on the Tivo Community forums) has whipped open the Premiere and been running benchmarking tests on its core hardware; according to his technical review, it's capable of significantly faster data transfer speeds.

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The Daily Slash: March 24th 2010

We do our very best here at SlashGear to bring you the latest intelligence from the huge, and still growing world of the tech industry. But, as it stands, we’re only human, and sometimes we’re just not able to bring you every single piece of information we get our hands on. It’s unfortunate, but we also don’t want to give you any kind of sensory overload throughout the day. We realized that there were still a lot of great stories out there, so we wanted to bring them to your attention, in a nice, orderly fashion. That’s why we have the Daily Slash, where we’ll bring you a daily wrap-up of all the cool, interesting, or just plain shiny stuff we find.

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