Target Offering iPhone 4 Trade-In Service

If you’ve got an on old iPhone 3G or 3GS just begging to be upgraded to an iPhone 4, then you’ve got one more day to take advantage of Target’s trade-in service. They are offering this service for a limited time and started accepting trade-ins on February 6th, with tomorrow the 12th being the last day.

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iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 hit Target on Nov 7

You can supposedly walk into a local Walmart location and buy the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS for a while now. My local location has had an iPhone 4 display up with iPhone 3GS' sitting there for months now. I can't figure out if the people working the booth are just stupid or if they are trying to trick people who don’t know any better into buying the 3GS thinking it’s the iPhone 4.

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iPhone Heading to Target and Sam’s Club

Earlier this month, Target began selling Apple's tablet device, the iPad, and it looks like the national discount chain doesn't plan on stopping there. According to AppleInsider, people familiar with the matter have expressed that the iPhone is next in line to drop onto Target store shelves. Talk amongst district and store managers increased over the last few months, which ultimately lead up to the recent availability of the iPad, and persists with the upcoming availability of the iPhone.

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iPad Now Available in Target Stores, and Amazon Directly

Apple's tablet device, the iPad, may not be seeing the best usage numbers from new purchasers, but that's not stopping the Cupertino-based company from trying to get the tablet into any available retailer they can. Just after a week of being available at every Best Buy electronics retailer across the United States, the iPad is now available for purchase from Target stores across the country. But, perhaps most noteworthy, is the fact that Amazon is now selling the iPad directly, and no longer relying on third party resellers.

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iPad in Target stores from October 2nd 2010

Target has confirmed that it will begin stocking Apple's iPad in-store come October 2 2010, with all six versions of the iOS slate being offered.  Beyond greater physical availability than just Apple and Best Buy stores, however, there will be no great incentive to buy from your local Target; prices will kick off at the same $499 for the 16GB WiFi iPad.

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Amazon Kindle Hitting Target Storeshelves Nationwide on June 6th

We'll have to go ahead and assume that the trial run of Target flagship stores selling the Amazon Kindle went well, because Target has just confirmed today that the eReader from the digital retail juggernaut is going to roll out across the country in just a few days. With the inclusion of the Kindle in physical stores, it's almost like the whole world's complete now, considering we can now really do all our shopping in one store.

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