Acer Aspire Switch 10 review: 2-in-1 utility with a tablet price tag

The 2-in-1 isn’t a new platform, but it is a questionable one. Do you need a computer that snaps off into a tablet? The genre has its use cases, and Acer hopes to make a strong entry into the forum with their Aspire 10, a tablet-cum-computer offering that strikes a balance. With a 10-inch screen, the Aspire Switch 10 is an appropriately sized tablet, but does it work as a laptop, too?

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Lenovo TAB A8 Review

Lenovo has added some new tablets to its roster, among them being the 8-inch Lenovo TAB A8. This tablet is a mixture of goodies -- it is thin and light, and boasts an astounding battery life (hint: I gave up on waiting for the battery to deplete in standby after day 19). Though the specs are in the range needed to make the TAB A8 a relatively budget-friendly slate, it doesn't feel like a mid-range tablet. How does it hold up when put to use, though? Read our full SlashGear review to find out.

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More cafes ban laptops: the growing push against tech

Coffee shops -- cafes, if you prefer -- are a staple for many, serving as the perfect destination to stop for a mid-day meal or that necessary cup of coffee. As the proliferation of mobile technology increased over the years, these shops came up with a simple idea to draw in more customers: free Wi-Fi. There was a time when such an offering was a novelty, but over the years it has become so expected that cafes without it are seen as odd relics.

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Replacing your laptop with a tablet: must have accessories

The debate about whether a laptop can be adequately replaced with a tablet is a hot one, usually drawing passionate arguments from both sides of the fence. For some it isn't a viable option, but others who use their laptops for casual browsing, watching videos, and playing simple games increasingly wonder the point of keeping around a laptop when a tablet best suits their needs. For those people, a handful of accessories will take you full circle, enabling your tablet to double as a laptop when necessary.

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2014 World Cup: three ways to watch

The 2014 World Cup is upon us, and for those forced to watch from a distance, the options for doing so can be tricky if you don't have the right cable channels (particularly for the cable-cutters among us). The games, which kick off tomorrow, will be broadcast on ESPN and ABC, but options remain for those who prefer to watch from their Android smartphone or tablet, iPad, or iPhone.

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