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Which is the fastest US network? It’s complicated

Smartphones and tablets are faster and more capable than ever, but without a similarly speedy internet connection - usually LTE - they're still hamstrung. Unfortunately carrier maps are generally more interested in breadth of coverage than quality, hence third-party testing has stepped in to help answer the question of "Which US carrier is the best?" As you might expect, though, the results are complicated.

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Faster 4G this year T-Mobile promises as spectrum deal final

T-Mobile USA has detailed its LTE expansion, having finally closed the deal to snap up a new chunk of low-band 700MHz A-Block spectrum which it intends to flush with 4G service before the year is out. "We anticipate customers will begin reaping the benefits as early as the end of this year," CTO Neville Ray wrote today, promising not only improvements in speed but in coverage, and how far signals reach into buildings.

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T-Mobile Simple Starter offers entry 4G without overage risk

T-Mobile USA has launched a new "value" plan, Simple Starter, offering LTE data including tethering, along with unlimited talk and text, for $40 per month. The new plan, part of what T-Mobile calls its continuing "Uncarrier" movement, will also distinguish itself by cutting 4G data access when the subscriber reaches the 500MB limit, rather than allowing them to go over and then charging them overage fees.

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T-Mobile plans LTE for all by mid-2015: Snipes Verizon ads

T-Mobile has started a new LTE roll-out, aiming to upgrade half of its existing 2G/EDGE spectrum to 4G by the end of 2014, along with an ambitious roadmap to use 700MHz A-Block spectrum it's currently in the process of acquiring for even more LTE this year. The news, which comes around a year after T-Mobile began its first LTE service, should see existing 2G and EDGE areas updated to LTE by the middle of 2015, the carrier predicts, as its legal department gets busy trying to take on Verizon Wireless' coverage maps.

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