Synology DiskStation DS211+ Announced

For some people, making sure that their files are backed up is of the highest priority. And sometimes focusing on the cloud is just not the best bet. That's where equipment from Synology comes in handy, especially for offices and those who just need a physical place to keep everything important to them. With the new DiskStation DS211+, it makes it easier than ever for businesses, and anyone else to share files, protect data, and have a centralized location for backing up important files.

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Synology DiskStation DS211 Review

The Synology DiskStation DS211 isn't the company's first NAS to cross the SlashGear test bench, but it's perhaps the most home-user focused model so far. A two-bay network-attached backup box, the DS211 also throws in DLNA media streaming duties and cross-platform compatibility. With a diskless retail price of around $320, is this the box you should be entrusting your data security to? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Synology DiskStation DS411+ NAS Review

Synology promised us speed, speed and more speed with their new DiskStation DS411+ NAS, and so we had to take them up on the challenge. A four-drive RAID array targeted at demanding home users or SMBs, the DS411+ may look sober on the outside but with the spec sheet promising read rates of 112MB/sec and write rates of 106MB/sec, it's hardly an unattractive proposition. Can Synology back up their claims? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Synology DS710+ NAS Review

Synology have made a name for themselves in the network-attached storage segment for sturdy hardware, comprehensive software and decent performance, the the company are hoping to deliver all three once again with the DiskStation DS710+. A dual-drive RAID array with some ambitious throughput promises, the DS710+ also gets a fairly premium price tag too; check out the full SlashGear review after the cut.

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Synology DiskStation DS1010+ and DS110j NAS outed

NAS manufacturer Synology have outed a pair of new external network drives, one for the small business crowd and another more suited to home users.  The Synology DiskStation DS1010+ has five internal HDD bays and the potential for a further five with an optional expansion enclosure, while the DiskStation DS110j makes do with just one drive.  Both support DLNA media streaming, gigabit ethernet connectivity and have a clutch of USB 2.0 ports for hooking up external drives or peripherals.

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Synology Disk Station DS409slim ultra-compact 4-drive NAS

Careful where you pour that hot water: on the right is a 12oz coffee cup, while on the left is Synology's latest NAS, the 4-bay Disk Station DS409slim.  Squeezing up to four 2.5-inch hard-drives into a 120 x 105 x 142 mm box, the DS409slim still offers up to 2TB of storage or various levels of RAID secure data redundancy.

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