Nokia E6-00 leaks: Refreshed Symbian on QWERTY/touch candybar

Nokia's E6-00 smartphone has leaked, the apparent successor to the Nokia E72. The QWERTY device runs Symbian^3, but unlike its predecessors has a touchscreen display for easier use. It will also run the updated version of Symbian, complete with four homescreens - rather than the three panes we've seen on the N8, C7 and E7 - and more flexible widgets.

Otherwise we're expecting a 640 x 480 screen - higher than Nokia's usual nHD 640 x 360 panels - together with WCDMA/HSPA and WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, and GSM/GPRS/EDGE. There's also talk of an 8-megapixel autofocus camera complete with an LED flash, but we're yet to see the rear of the E6-00 to know for sure.

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Nokia Aims for “Next Billion” With X1-00

Looking to grab its next billion users, Nokia has launched a new, entry level mobile phone aimed at "growth markets", or the developing world. The X1-00 will retail for less than €35 (or $48 bucks), and has special features that will make it appealing for those markets. Oh, and it's orange. Read on past the cut to see more specs and info.

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Symbian UI refresh previewed on Nokia N8

What looks to be the new Symbian homescreen layout has been briefly previewed, ahead of the promised Nokia update later in 2011. Shown briefly during a presentation by Nokia SVP of smartphones Jo Harlow, the refreshed UI - demonstrated on an N8 - has a slimmed down status bar with Android/iOS-style operator, battery, signal and time iconography, and a much narrower call/menu/options bar at the bottom.

In-between there are new widgets, no longer imprisoned by the traditional blocks fitting six to a screen. Instead it all looks more flexible and streamlined, taking a leaf out of Android's book. The end result is a far more modern looking smartphone, with a UI that actually begins to live up to the N8's slick aluminum chassis.

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Intel: MeeGo Must Go On, Seeking New Partner

Last week Microsoft and Nokia surprised the world with their partnership announcement that has been quite an episode. Nokia chose Microsoft's Windows Phone over Google's Android platform, pretty much sending Nokia's old Symbian to the retirement home and dumping Intel--now the single parent raising MeeGo. Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini, held a meeting today with analysts in London to express his thoughts on Nokia's decision and his plans for MeeGo's future.

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SG Comics Presents: Survivor Mobile OS

Mobile/tablet OS platforms are duking it out for survival as platform updates, new product launches, dubious alliances and speculations continue to brew. Android OS is increasingly dominating the marketplace, with Apple's iOS attempting to regain momentum and stirring up the media with plenty of rumors. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Nokia's Stephen Elop just made a surprise announcement last week to put Windows Phone 7 on future Nokia phones--seemingly a take-over of Nokia and an imminent demise for Symbian and MeeGo--a move that blindsided Intel and slighted Google. And still earlier last week HP/Palm introduced new phones and tablets to push their own webOS platform. The competition's getting rough. Can all the operating systems at least just allow us to truly multitask our apps for now?

Nokia CEO: Microsoft decision made the night before; Intel knew prior to event

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has revealed that the company's board only settled on adopting Windows Phone and a Microsoft partnership the night before the Friday announcement last week, a last-minute decision that hugely impacts the future of the Finnish company moving forward. Speaking to SlashGear at Mobile World Congress 2011 this week, Elop confirmed that Android - and sticking with the Symbian and MeeGo roadmaps - had remained on the table up until the last minute, with the chief executive having to make a number of calls, including to Intel's Paul Otellini, in the few hours between the board's decision and the London event.

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Nokia Workers in Finland Take Collective Lunch Break in Protest of Windows Phone 7 Deal

It would appear, according to Finnish paper Uutiset that workers at at least one Nokia development location in Tampere, Finland, are walking out in protest of the deal made official this morning between Nokia and Microsoft. While a member of the senior staff at this particular location, Kalle Wedge, noted "Aika moni käytti joustavaa työaikaa," aka "Quite a few people used their flexible working time [their break] to do this protest."

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Nokia Windows Phone: Everything you need to know

Nokia's news today that it would be adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone may have fit in with the rumors, but it still met with significant surprise among industry and users alike. On the surface it looks a lot like the Finnish company has sacrificed independence for short-term survival, though both Nokia and Microsoft argue that this is in fact the beginning of a far more symbiotic relationship. After the cut, everything you need to get up to speed on the new Nokia Windows Phone agreement.

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MeeGo hardware “repurposed” for Windows Phone; no WP7 update for N8 or E7

Nokia will use hardware, industrial design work and chipsets intended for MeeGo devices for Windows Phone handsets instead, it has been confirmed, as the company "repurposes" its investment into bolstering what's expected to be a "large number of Windows Phone devices" by 2012. According to CEO Stephen Elop, the same is true for Symbian devices, suggesting that "you may see some similar devices that launch with Symbian and Windows Phone," though existing devices are unlikely to see an update to Windows Phone 7.

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