Fixstars 13TB SSD aims at streaming content distribution and storage

There are tradeoffs for both traditional hard drives and solid-state drives when choosing your computer storage solution. The HDD offers higher capacity and less cost than the SSD. The SSD on the other hand costs more, is much faster, and has smaller capacity than a HDD. The capacity issue is changing with Fixstars rolling out a new 2.5-inch SSD that crams 13TB of storage inside.

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Seagate 8TB HDD is aimed at NAS solutions

Seagate has rolled out a new line of hard drives for network attached storage applications or NAS. There are multiple HDDs in the new family and the highest capacity drive is an 8TB unit. That 8TB HDD is the first of its capacity in the industry that is targeted at small and medium business and home use in NAS units with 1-8 bays.

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New LaCie hard drives bring chrome to USB-C external storage

LaCie, the external storage maker known for extravagant hard drive creations, has unveiled its latest artistic creation: the Chrome, created in collaboration with designer Neil Poulton. The desktop sculpture is encased in hand-polished chromed zinc, has 1TB of storage, and features its own dock that uses magnets to hold the drive upright, making it look like a VHS cassette. It's also priced at a steep $1,100, so those looking for extra storage interested in this better have deep pockets.

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Microsoft does a U-turn, returns 15GB to old OneDrive users

Running a cloud storage, of course, costs money and offering some amount of that space for free will incur some amount of loss. It can also be prone to abuse, whether free or paid, and sometimes you just have to set your foot down. But when you punish well-meaning, innocent users along with the bad, you're bound to get some very unhappy, not to mention vocal, people. It's a lesson Microsoft learned the hard way when it nerfed its OneDrive storage space for existing free users, which It is now returning with an apology.

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Western Digital to purchase SanDisk for $19B

It seems the ultimate digital storage products company has just been formed, as Western Digital has announced its acquisition of SanDisk for roughly $19 billion. With its wide range of hard drives and solid state drives (SSD), Western Digital is already the world's largest manufacturer of digital storage items, while SanDisk is seen as the third largest flash memory companies in the world.

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Samsung 950 Pro SSD uses PCIe Gen.3 x4 slot for 2500 MB/s read

Samsung has trotted out its latest storage solution called the 950 Pro SSD and this storage solution promises very impressive read and write performance. The storage device is aimed directly at use in consumer and business laptop computers and uses a M.2 2280 form factor. That form factor is aimed at ultra slim notebooks and workstations looking more like RAM than a storage drive.

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