Chumbophone mixes chumby with Steampunk styling

Since you can now pick up a set of chumby guts without bothering with the standard casing, the real fun for the platform is in fashioning a unique housing for the internet-connected widget display.  That can be as basic as the cardboard box the components come with, or you can go the route of one particular Etsy seller and put together a somewhat Steampunk-esque retro enclosure.

Called the Chumbophone, as far as we can tell the various brass horns, controls and other appendages are all decorative rather than functional.  The only real controls are the power button, the front panel key and the chumby's 3.5-inch 320 x 240 touchscreen, which is still enough to browse various web widgets, control music - either streaming or local - and do everything else that makes chumby so appealing.

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Hi Tech Comptometer: gorgeous Steampunk AV controller [Video]

You've got to give Hi Tech Systems some credit for effort: to help their broadcast video controllers stand out at a recent industry expo, they put together the Comptometer, a Steampunk-styled console which, so the backstory goes, gives access to 1930s broadcast footage.  The controller is full of nixie tubes, brass buttons and analog dials, and a rather loveable "test calibration" system made up of tiny clacking hammers.

Video demo after the cut

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Steampunk Phone From Russia Looks Amazing

We've had a few Steampunk items come up on here before, and we'd be lying if we said that we didn't hold a natural affinity for these things. How can you not? The workmanship alone makes these gadgets pretty amazing, and whil the aesthetics might not be for everybody, we find it hard to deny the sort of primordial attractiveness these devices have. Like this cell phone for example, which was caught on picture from Russia, and encompasses everything Steampunk in one solid form factor. We've got plenty of shots after the break.

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Steampunk gaming PC will be given away

The one thing better than a great vast Steampunk gaming PC is winning one, and that's just what's going to happen with this custom Jake Hildebrandt creation.  Crafted from wood, copper and a variety of brass embellishments, the guts of the PC are just as impressive as the exterior (though thankfully a whole lot more up to date): an Intel Core i7 965 CPU, 12GB of DDR3 RAM and dual ATI Radeon 4870X2 graphics.

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8ft Steampunk Frankenstein Computer case mod

As insane Steampunk PC case mods go, this Frankenstein machine by D. Mattocks will take some beating.  Standing almost eight feet tall, and bristling with copper piping, vintage gauges and glass indicator lights from an old navy ship, it's not so much a computer as a tribute to H.G. Wells, Dr Frankenstein and the sort of coffin Isambard Kingdom Brunel would've probably liked to be buried in.

The vent was salvaged from an old church, and now acts as the air inlet for the water-cooling system.  Meanwhile everything is backlight with green cold-cathode tubes, which manage to make the Frankenstein Computer look even more ominous.  Happily one of the gauges does actually show the computer temperature, though there's probably not a steam blow-off valve.

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Steampunk Space Helmet

Steampunk projects are no strangers to the front page of SlashGear, and here's one of the more outlandish and impressive.  The work of Brass Goggles forum member Herr Döktor, it's a Steampunk space helmet; it may have started off as a propagator dome and a plastic plantpot, but over the course of 53 pages it evolved into the marvellously detailed helmet you see here.

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