solar powered

The O-Range Solar Travel Bag

If you're still on the lookout for a solar bag of some sort, this new backpack is perfect for gadget lovers.  It features several different pockets that would be great for organizing your smaller gadgets.

The LightCap 200 gives extra use to your water bottle

When camping one of the main essentials is a water bottle, not many leave without one. So its nice that a company decided to incorporate that with a bit of technology to make an easy portable light.

The Solar Panel briefcase charges gadgets on the go

One might think that a solar briefcase was pretty self explanatory. It's a briefcase, with solar panels, however it is much more complex than that.

Triumph creates solar powered bra that seems slightly suspicious

Occasionally solar powered products start to get just a bit odd. I mean if you really are working to get the public to use solar power more, you need to make it cost efficient, attractive, and something the general public could see themselves using. Okay, this product attempts to pull out lacy details, making it almost attractive, but it comes up short in several other areas.

First of all, it's solar powered lingerie. Solar power works by gathering energy, via the sun, meaning the panel has to be able to be in direct sunlight. It just ends up coming off as a wormy guy trying to get women to walk around in their bra.

The Solar-Energy Saving Cordless Fan

If you intend upon doing any camping this summer but can't live without a few gadgets, this solar powered fan might be just the thing to help you out. I know for many, camp sites without any power whatsoever are fun but they do need a fan an alarm clock and maybe even a charger for small gadgets.

The “portable” PowerCube – solar generator

Although this power cube looks a bit like an extremely uncomfortable recliner it is actually a portable solar generator. I am assuming when they claim that it is portable they are using the term very loosely, because this isn't exactly something you toss in the car and go.

Noon Solar gives a sneak peak of their Spring Collection

Back in November I wrote up an article on Noon Solar's stylish bags and now they have come out with a few more goodies to add to your wishlist. The bags as always feature the solar panels to charge all those gadgets that are concealed within it.

The Solar-Powered Razor

Ever drive down the road and look over at the lane next to you and shriek in horror as you see a female putting on mascara as she drives down the highway at 70mph? Well, frankly boys are guilty of finishing up their morning rituals in the car as well and now they can do it in an environmentally friendly way. Now they can jet down the highway buzzing off those chin hairs while harnessing the power of the sun with this Solar-powered Razor.

Strap Ya’s solar cellphone charger

If you're all about all that is solar for your gadgets, you might need something portable to keep your phone charged. Some of the larger panels work for cell phones too, but having a small charger with you at all times can be extremely convenient.

FreePlay Companion Power Source

FreePlay Companion Power Source

All in one devices seem to be prevalent today. Not to be outdone by gadget consolidation, Freeplay Energy has launched and all in one power source called the Freeplay Companion.

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The Solar Powered Battery for the PSP

I am always all about any gadget that utilizes solar power, but sometimes just using solar power isn't enough. Occasionally you have to actually think the design through a bit. The PSP can now harness solar power through deal extreme, but not in the brightest way.

Solar powered Christmas lights alleviate wiring issues

I’m sure one or more of you have covered a tree or some other fixture in your yard with Christmas lights only to realize that you now have to run an ugly extension cord all the way out to them. Well, with these lights you won’t have that problem as they are solar powered.

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